Enjoying The Simple Pleasures

Enjoying The Simple Pleasures - Steve Wickham

The good life consists of enjoying the simple pleasures of life as a means to an end and not as an end in itself.
For instance, I enjoy coffee. A lot of people do. I used to frequent coffee shops at least weekly to sit and sip good coffee and reflect and journal. It was a part of my weekly routine I really looked forward to. It meant peace and relaxation and was a boon for creativity -- my imagination would run wild as I read, mused, observed life and the natural environment, and created things with my mind. It was never the same if I was interrupted. It was simply "me" time; time that I needed to get back to my core.
As time went on I challenged myself on the process. I decided not to buy coffee all the time. I could drink coffee at home and still enjoy time to reflect and meditate. Of late, I've even foregone coffee as I have my daily lunchtime brisk walk in the park. During this time I'm able to meditate on important life messages and listen for the Spirit even though I'm exercising.
Simple pleasures are there to be enjoyed, but they only remain "simple" when they're kept in check and used in moderation. Those who have problems with 'the sensates' will have experienced self-control problems with the things that were only ever designed to be enjoyed in moderation. Enter dependence and ultimately, addiction. For a lot of my life I didn't get it. I made the 'simple pleasures' an end in itself and experienced problems.
If the simple pleasures have you in a bind, try these things:
1. Focus on delaying your gratification -- save your 'simple pleasure' privileges so you can really enjoy them.
2. Share your problem with a loved one or trusted friend. It's a big step to admit you have self-control issues, but clearly it's the beginning of positive change.
3. Re-focus your thinking. So much of our problems start and finish in the mind. Control your mind and you will control your destiny.
4. Believe you can change -- most people with problems don't believe deep down they can sustain self-control over things like food and drink. Simply, you can change anything, at any time, and what's more, you can change for life!
5. Learn to relax, be still, and be yourself. This might sound simple but we all struggle to slow down in this frenetically-paced world. Slowing down gives us peace and perspective; it's a real tonic.
It's such a great life when we enjoy it for what it is and not for what we can consume. It's getting the horse and the cart in the right order. The horse is life; the cart is the resources we use in life. Let's not get the cart before the horse.

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