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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Communication in Marriage is Absolutely Vital

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Communication in Marriage is Absolutely Vital

Silence is a marriage killer. Avoid it. Communication is always the first initiative in any relationship. Marriages thrive and get richer when there is open and sincere communication. The bible records that the heart is the source of life issues. These hearty issues can either be good or bad.
Marriage is a serious engagement of two hearts which flow issues to each other. This can only happen when a husband and wife continuously express their feelings, opinions and ideas without fear or intimidation. Talk about anything that can affect your relationship - good or bad. Do not wait until you get stuck concerning a matter for you to talk. As busy as you are, please create time for each other, listen to each other. When you talk, you build, correct and affirm one another.
These talks must be love driven. For example; when you are correcting your spouse, please do it graciously. Take care of your voice tone, your facial expression and even your body posture. When you are corrected, take it positively and promise to change. Do not try to defend yourself.
Believe that your spouse wishes, plans and thinks good towards you. Avoid suspicion. It is dangerous. Any time you are not clear concerning any issue, do not guess, react or make conclusions without understanding details. Do not be seeking to win in an argument. If by chance an argument arises, loose in the argument and you will have won your spouse. Appreciate your spouse publicly and privately but correct him or her in private ONLY.
Mugendi is a re-known and sought after counselor. He is involved in both individual and group counseling. Your Marriage Counselor. He is also an accomplished minister of the gospel.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mugendi_Elizaphan Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2641683

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