Born to Try, Then to Succeed

Born to Try, Then to Succeed -  Steve Wickham

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." 
~Gail Dever

Cause-and-effect is a consistent phenomenon in this world. It operates in coherence with the LORD'S Law. What we put in, we generally get out. And for the times we put in and don't get out, these are just simply tests of our faith.
If we do not give up we will reap a harvest of blessing (see Galatians 6:9).
We were born to try and then to succeed.
Many of us know the theory, and we see it as true, however we detract from the practice. We lose heart midway, when the going gets particularly tough; there are tests all through life when things get tough. Things get tough because of tests, and tests make life tough.
We can be assured; anything worthwhile to be achieved will be littered with tests.
Noticing the process in achieving anything, there is:
1. The vision of what we want to achieve, underpinned by our passion to do what we need to do.
2. The effort expended in getting the process moving, completing milestones, and finishing the task.
3. Then, finally, there is the achievement of success in having grappled along the way with the tests that came intermingled within the effort of our work.
So what comes between our effort and our eventual success are the tests that truly test our fortitude and the veracity of our vision. If we have patience and courage, and we believe in the truth of our vision, we will plough through these tests, and continue onward until the completion of the goal at hand.
Tests are the things that stand between us and success. If we can see these tests in their incipient phase, as they become born in our awareness, we can meet them, by acting in compensatory ways.
The better we are at foreseeing our tests, the better we can become in responding to them. But we must be resolute, for there is not much good in foreseeing tests and being aware of them if we don't use such knowledge in a consistently powerful way.
So, at the end of the day, tests are about trying.
When we make the decision to try, we are one step closer to whatever we have set as our goal to achieve. We simply must try. And try. And try again.
As life is bounded by human endeavour, we were born to try. Effort is the thing that stands between us and our goals: success. Along the road there are tests. But with awareness, courage, patience, and effort we overcome these tests. Success is very much up to us, and our ability to overcome tests one at a time.
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