Being Led by the Holy Spirit in the Simple Things

Being Led by the Holy Spirit in the Simple Things - By Matthew Robert Payne

I got up this morning by waking after a dream that would not let me get back to sleep. You know those sorts of dreams that capture you and have you thinking about them as you wake and you find that you cannot sleep again. I had a shave then a shower and as I was walking out of the bathroom the Holy Spirit urged me to look in the mirror. When I did I noticed on the right side of my face there was a patch of unshaved hair that would have looked silly had I gone out into public with it. This was a good start to the day as I shaved that bit off.
You might not think that the above story is true. How did I know that it was the Holy Spirit talking to me and not my own thought? My own thought was to leave the bathroom, it was this different thought that came into my mind to have another look in the mirror that I recognised as the Holy Spirit.
Why would God care about how I look to others?
That is a good question and I am glad that you asked. God cares about every bit of our life. God cares about our looks and whether we are looking our best. He cares about our life and whether people are mocking us or not for how we look. He cared so much that this morning he used His Holy Spirit to correct me.
The Holy Spirit is willing and able to direct us in all things. We just need to be able to hear Him and be open to being directed. Often the Holy Spirit is directing you and you might be unaware of it. He may be telling you to phone someone or to go to a certain place where you will bump into someone that He wants you to meet up with. The Holy Spirit directs many people in ways like this. The trick is to be able to hear the Holy Spirit and take directions.
The next thing the Holy Spirit told me was not to wait for a bus this morning but walk to the shopping centre where I was going to post something. The walk would do me good as I am overweight and as it turns out I got to the shopping centre at the same time the bus arrived so I wasted no time and I achieved a little bit of exercise. This may seem to be a simple matter to you, one that is not worth considering but I have learned to do what the Holy Spirit directs me to do.
The next thing I was told was which shop to go to for me to buy my diet Pepsi. There were three options and the Holy Spirit directed me to one. When I got there it was one dollar, which was a seventy seven cent saving from the regular price. This saving might not be something to you, but to me who has not got a lot of money it meant that I could almost buy two for the price of one.
These examples of this morning are all simple things. I could have left the bathroom and not saw that my face needed further shaving and walked around looking less than perfect today. I could have waited 15 minutes for the bus and missed out on the exercise today and I could have gone to another shop and paid seventy seven cents more for my Diet Pepsi. But little things add up and make a difference in our life.
When we are trained to obey the Spirits leading in the little things God can lead us in the bigger things and that is what we desire.
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