Adoration Prayers - How to Pray Them and Greatly Increase the Intimacy of Your Relationship With God

Adoration Prayers - How to Pray Them and Greatly Increase the Intimacy of Your Relationship With God  By John C Arnold

So many people have lives that lack peace, fulfillment and joy. Many people are just laboring in the sun with weeds in their lives. Many people who are Christians do not know how to abide in peace and in the love of Jesus. The Lord wishes that all his people with abide in Him. He wishes that all his bride might operate out of rest, and be protected like a chick on his mothers wings.
So how do we abide in Jesus?
First of all we have to know that we are saved and totally forgiven. We need to know that we need not strive for the love of Jesus and know that we are loved, forgiven and seated in heavenly places. Abiding in Jesus is like being a little Jesus. Rather then asking the question what would Jesus do? We simply need to have the faith to do what Jesus taught us to do.
Abiding in Jesus is walking out our lives hand in hand with Jesus. It is His promise that he will never leave or forsake us, and even on the days we do not feel His presence we are to know that he is with us.
Abiding in Jesus is allowing His mind to become your mind, His hands work through your hands and His speech coming out of your mouth. It helps to know what Jesus commanded us to do. Knowing what Jesus wants us to do and how we should conduct our lives is a great place to start.
I walk in a close relationship with Jesus. My prayers consist of two way conversations with Jesus. Knowing that I can slip up and sin and be forgiven seconds after, brings a lot of comfort.
Joseph Prince and Andrew Wommack had a lot to do with the way I think today. Both of these men explained grace to me and I am fast becoming less legalistic in my reading of the word and my day to day life. It is such a precious thing to know I am forgiven and no matter what I do, I will go to heaven. Joseph Prince and Andrew Wommack can set you free of the spirit of religion so you can live in a loving relationship with Jesus and therefore abide in Him. If you enjoyed my article you may enjoy reading my teaching on the parables of Jesus. The can be found in the book "The parables of Jesus made simple" on Amazon or read for free at If you are in need of a word of encouragement off God you can request a personal prophecy video for any donation to my ministry at Article Source: Article Source:

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