6 Things That Block You From Acceptance

Christian Codependency: 6 Things That Block You From Acceptance - by Karla Downing
One of the things Christian codependents struggle with is acceptance. Acceptance is necessary and healthy. When we aren't accepting, we are in turmoil and unable to accept the peace of God that passes all understanding in the midst of all circumstances (Philippians 4:7). Instead of surrendering, we are fighting and refusing to deal with reality.
Acceptance is holding out your hand and receiving what is given to you. It doesn't mean that you can't do what you can to better the situation or decide how to respond to it, it just means you stop fighting the reality of life as it is at that moment. What blocks you from acceptance?
• Holding on to your own expectations. When you refuse to let go of the way you want or expect things to be, you cannot accept them the way they are and then move forward from that point.
• Stuck in the "if onlys." You cannot accept things as they are if you are continuing to review the past in an attempt to make them different than they are now.
• Comparing yourself to others. This is a roadblock to accepting yourself and your life. When your focus is on comparing yourself to others, you will continue to be dissatisfied with yourself and your life for the wrong reasons.
• Denial. The purpose of denial is to prevent you from having to deal with things as they are. It serves a protective function at first, but when it goes on for too long, it becomes unhealthy. Denial doesn't lead to acceptance because it denies reality.
• Self-pity and martyrdom. When you respond to life by feeling sorry for yourself, you accept things as they are but with an ulterior motive: It is to act like a victim and a martyr who is suffering and has no choices.
• Lack of trust in God. The ultimate test in life is to face life on life's terms-the good and the bad-and still trust God actively regardless of your circumstances. If you don't accept what is, you can't choose to trust God in the midst of it. Trust leads to courage and acceptance takes courage.
When you let go of your expectations, your "if onlys," your comparisons, your denial, your self-pity, your martyrdom, and your distrust of God, you will be able to accept the things you cannot change and then find the courage to change the things you can.
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