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Saturday, January 4, 2014

5 Ways Wives Unwittingly Disrespect Their Husbands

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5 Ways Wives Unwittingly Disrespect Their Husbands - By Daniel P Robertson 

I was floored. I went to grab the double loaf of bread I had been aiming for, wondering what on Earth I had done wrong. I remember feeling very frustrated.
Why couldn't she just follow my lead, I thought. Did I really need to explain to her that I just wanted to grab some bread?
Apparently, I made one other fatal mistake as well. The bread was at the front of the store. You never start at the front of the store. You go all the way to the back and work your way forward.
The point of the story is that I felt completely disrespected. All I wanted was for my wife to follow my lead through the store and not question which direction I was taking her.
Ladies, your husband thrives on respect. Without it, he can't be fully confident in the relationship. It is just as important to him as feeling loved is to you. When he feels that you respect him he is strong and confident.
But it can be so easy to do something that feels disrespectful to him. Many times you might not even have a clue what you've done wrong. You can just see it in his deflated expression. Could it be that you've made one of these 5 respect mistakes?
  1. You act like his mommy: This is a common mistake that almost every wife makes. You want to help him, but in the process you treat him like a child. You remind him to brush his teeth or put deodorant on. You set his clothes out for him before bed. You wipe a smudge of food off his face with a napkin you spit on. But guess what? Your husband didn't marry you to get a new mommy, he married you to get a partner. He needs you to support him without making him feel incompetent to handle his own affairs.

  2. You undermine his decisions: You tell your husband you want him to lead, but every time he tries you end up questioning him or going against him. He sets his foot down but you find sneaky ways to get around it. He doesn't want a certain TV show on in his house but you argue about how it's not so bad and watch it anyway. Let your husband lead already! Nothing communicates disrespect like when you put up a fight against his every decision.

  3. You take over with the kids: Your husband is trying to discipline or instruct the kids and you just have to step in and take over. Unless your husband is being dangerous, there is no need for this. He is perfectly capable of handling them.

  4. You answer questions for him: When someone directs a question at your husband he is fully capable of answering for himself. He doesn't need you to interject with what you think his answer is. In fact, you might learn something new about your husband's thoughts if you let him speak for himself.

  5. You don't consult him on major decisions: Marriage is a partnership. And yet, you make major decisions without checking with your husband first. Where to go for the holidays or how to spend a tax return are big decisions that your husband should have a say in.
Do any of these sound familiar to you? If so, it might be a good time to apologize to your husband and set things straight.
Learn more about how you can build a strong Christian marriage by visiting Daniel Robertson's website at http://www.godshelpformarriage.com. He offers a variety of resources to help Christians succeed in their marriages. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_P_Robertson  Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7024444

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  1. I get what the writer is saying, and I have been guilty of many of these things as well. I do, however, think it would have been a courteous thing for you to tell your wife where you were going. One of the things that irritates me the very most is when I ask someone a question and they either neglect to answer me, so make me feel like it was a dumb question to ask. My husband usually lets me take th elead in the grocery store. Why? Well it's not because I'm making him submit to me or anything. It is because I know that grocery store like the back of my hand and I have a very effective shopping routine that allows me to get in and out in the shortest amount of time possible. Now if we were to go to Lowes or Home Depot together, you bet I would let him take the lead! To each his own. The grocery store is my bread and butter, Lowes is his.

  2. I do believe the husband should be the head of the home as the bible says. However, I see him disrespecting his wife in the store by assuming she'll just blindly follow him without explanation when she probably wanted to get some things in the store as well. He should have lovingly expressed his intentions to her and asked her thoughts on the situation. The husband's thoughts and actions here clearly show a selfish and arrogant heart. Jesus didn't intend for the man to lord-it-over his wife. He is to love her as Christ loves the church. A husband and wife should talk about everything as partners and equals. If the man shows love and respect toward his wife, she will respond. If he is acting like some domineering dictator, he isn't showing her love and respect. He is showing he thinks he is better than she is.

  3. i have a serious problem with articles like this which assume a squeky clean environment and therefore dish out rules for women without ever considering the individual details. why should blindly following your husband in a grocery store be put up as a measurement of how much you respect him? why should he dictate which television show is watched and which one is not? Couples should discuss what works for them in the family and i'm sure that if both are submissive to the Lord, issues like brushing teeth, answering questions for him etc will just be minor and will not be regarded as if she's disrespectful to his position as a head of the family. Give us women a break already!!