5 Essential Building Blocks For a Really Loving Relationship

5 Essential Building Blocks For a Really Loving Relationship - By Matthew Robert Payne

There are many things people look for in love, yet there are 5 key ingredients of love that has the chance to stand the tests of time.
1. Trust
Any relationship that wants to move into marriage should contain a strong element of trust if it is going to last the storms of life. If you are gambling tour money away, or drinking your money away or have been caught flirting with other people, this can destroy trust and it is very difficult to get trust back when it has been lost.
2. Respect
A partner needs to know that you respect them and will show them honor in all circumstances. They don't want to be told off at a dinner table when their are guests and they don't want you telling the whole world about their bad habits. In the Bible a man is told that he must love his wife, but the wives are told that they need to respect their husband. I have to say that respect is very high up on my radar of what I want in a lady that I commit to.
3. Honesty
A relationship needs to have absolute honesty in it to be a success. A man and a wife need to be honest with each other at least even if they hide from the world wearing a face. If you are more honest with your friends than you are with your own husband or wife that is a sad state of affairs.
4. Good communication
We have all heard that good communication is essential for a good life giving relationship. But good communication comes out of respect, trust and honesty. If these three things are not present first of all you cannot have good communication.
5. Share the same dreams
For a couple to go places they have to share the same dream and be headed in the same direction. As single people we may have separate agendas and dreams but when we come together and join our dreams should become one.
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