5 common mistakes made by Christian Single Woman

5 common mistakes made by Christian Single Woman - By Shei Tan 

Being too polite, too bubbly, and too friendly are some of the pitfalls of a single Christian woman. Sometimes, girls tend to amplify their finest stance to send indirect information towards the opposite gender that they have what any Christian man would look for. However, most of them do not recognize the risky result of this goal to their relationship with Christian men and most of all their relationship with God. Here are some of the common errors made by single Christian women:

1. Being alarmed at the shortage of Christian men

When you see a new guy in the church or meet a new friend in the ministry, the first possible evaluation you'll check is appearance not his faith. Undoubtedly, you will then be curious if he is single. The scarcity of Christian men makes every single woman panic for the existence of one.

Keep in mind, Christianity is a vast religion which covers different denominations. Do not be alarmed if you don't see single Christian men in your local area. Involve yourself in conferences and different conventions where you can get to know more acquaintances.

2. Exaggerating a man's plain approach

When a man approaches you and talks to you, do not immediately assume that he is showing an interest. Never gossip about a plain conversation between you and a Christian guy especially if you are not aware whether he is single or not. Becoming too presumptuous can lead to misinterpretation and argument.

3. Becoming emotionally irrational

More often than not, Christian women are attacked emotionally. Sadly, most of them fail to conquer their feelings and recover from the attack. If this applies to you, you need a strong support group that will encourage you to express your feelings and give you pieces of advice.

4. Hesitancy to open up your unpleasant side to Christian men

Many Christian girls try to please the opposite gender by creating an impression. Often times, they mask their repulsive behavior by being too modest or too preachy thinking that the guy will be interested in her. If this is your way of attaining a relationship, it will probably not last long. Pretending to be someone you're not will even cause a turn-off.

5. Becoming too transparent and vulnerable

Whilst it is healthy to share your ideals to a Christian guy, disclosing too much information which has something to do with your weaknesses will certainly put you into vulnerability. Be careful with what you relay, do not expose your weak points nor use them as fillers to extend a conversation.

If you found yourself guilty of committing one of the above-mentioned mistakes, then now is the time to modify your moves. Psalms 37: 4 says,"Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart." This passage inspires us not to do so much effort in finding or pleasing our would-be partners but to trust in God's way of creating your Christ-like love story.

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