Why Men Are Confused With Women

Why Men Are Confused With Women -  Lisa U Maki

Women can be very confusing without them knowing it. They can send mixed signals to men not because they are intentionally doing it but because of their very nature. I am not saying that women were created "confused". Rather, they are most of the time clueless as to how they affect men.
There are several characteristics of women that God put in them for a great purpose. However, these same characteristics have also been misplaced and have therefore caused others to misjudge her.
A woman's naïveté was placed by God in her to keep her pure in her heart and mind. This same naïveté is the reason why women are most of the time clueless as to how they affect men. Not all women dress sexily to attract men. Some just dress up the way they do because they want to, not realizing how they can distract the men around them. There are women too who don't have any idea as to what goes on in men's minds when they are with them. I was just talking to a sister in the Lord recently and she told me that when she was still single, she went on a motorcycle ride with this guy just because she wanted to go on a motorcycle ride. He was thinking of something "more than a motorcycle ride". Just because she went with him, he thought she was probably thinking what he was thinking.
I had so many personal experiences that can attest to this fact. One incident was when I was in my early twenties. I had this co-worker who I became very close to and who I looked up to as my older brother. Then one day he came to work feeling so down. I offered a shoulder to cry on and I even suggested that we go out for some coffee at a nearby restaurant. We took the cab and lo and behold, he instructed the cab driver to drive to a motel. I jumped out of the cab and that was the last time I talked to him. What was he thinking? Whatever it was, I surely wasn't thinking that way.
Another character trait that God placed in women is their being expressive. Women love to talk. When they have problems all they need is to talk to each other and they start feeling better. This is just the way it is. And this is something that men will never understand and will always be confused with.
When a woman expresses herself to a man, whether it is some casual conversation or some deep emotional stuff, it is only because she needs someone to talk to. More often than not, it doesn't mean anything more than that. Men on the other hand may misinterpret this as either the woman wants to be close to him, or the woman needs someone to protect her. This is the reason why a lot of unexpected things happen when a man starts counseling a woman.
Part of women's being expressive is their being talkative. Women by nature love to talk, at least most of them. When they talk, they can say things without thinking much about it or how it affects men. They can talk about their hair or their skin or the nice clothes they saw in the mall. They can talk about their past experiences, their first kiss, what men think of them, and even sex. They can talk about any or all of these things very casually. This of course can be very confusing to men. When a woman starts talking about what men may think is "intimate", they may start thinking that she is sending some signals.
Another character trait that God gifted women with is her nurturing nature. This innate ability to care for others was placed by God in her for the purpose of motherhood, but which extends to others around her. She is easily moved to compassion. She has a big empathy for others. She is always ready to lend a helping hand. This nurturing and caring nature may be misinterpreted by men as some flirtatious move or some affection for them. Although this may be the case if a woman likes a man, it may not be the case all the time. As I've said, being caring is an innate character trait of a woman.
This caring nature is also the reason why women can be so nice. Some women can't even say "no" to guys just because they don't want to hurt their feelings.
Knowing these character traits and knowing that they are from God can make women understand themselves better and not feel bad about some stupid things they have done in the past. However, what women should learn is how to use these traits towards more positive outcome and be more cautious on how it can work against them.
On the part of men, they should understand where women are coming from and not make foolish assumptions about them just because of the way they are acting or what they are saying. I guess married men can testify to the fact that the more they know their wives, the better they understand them and the less confused they get.
Surely, it takes a deeper understanding of women to appreciate them better for who they are and how God created them to be. And only through God and through a personal relationship with Him can this start taking place.
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