When Angels Entertain Angels

When Angels Entertain Angels -  Steve Wickham

This article is not about literal angels.

It is about human angels; those who make it their life's work to encourage others in their compassion, that are to them works done in the smallest of ways, but are big, transformative things to those who are so positively impacted by their simple deeds of good.

I met one of these recently. A young man, who is an encouragement just to be around, decided one day to visit an older lady with cancer in hospital. He knew her through his church, but was not in the least expected to visit her. It was no big deal for him, but for her it was an incredibly generous thing to do. She was overwhelmed by it. She was not only overwhelmed by his visit, but by the quality of their time together.

Indeed, she was so taken by 'his simple act' that she found a special place in her heart for him, because of how loved she felt.

To her he was an angel in skin.

He did what anyone could do; take the time to just visit and sit and smile and pray. 
Anyone can do these things, but few do.

When angels like these entertain angels - those who would be revived by such divine encouragement - the Angels of Heaven must surely rejoice. And God, too!


We have all encountered angels of the human variety. They transformed us in a moment, from depressed or lonely or anxious into thankful and grateful vessels of praised to God.

Such angels we can all be if we learn to listen to God and obey; to wait upon God's leading and simply do it - whatever the Spirit asks.

Even better is the situation, where, in interacting with angelic persons, those presenting with divine hearts, we are not threatened by their virtuosity, but we meet them with praise in speaking their own language. Instead of being threatened by their divinity we are inspired, and that inspiration carries us through toward mirroring their acts.

People with angelic qualities we can learn from. We can praise God for them. We can be encouraged in observing them to follow hard out of their example.

Being touched by people with angelic qualities restores our faith in the miraculous; that the hands and feet of Jesus do still exist in this world. That is our opportunity, also. As we meet these angels, we are commended to greet them with angelic favour, learn, and apply. God is calling every believer to be an angel of the human variety.

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