What Qualities Would You Look for in a Future Life Partner

What Qualities Would You Look for in a Future Life Partner? -  Stan Onodu

You know as well as I do that looking for a future life partner is a different ball game from ordinary dating. In dating, nothing is serious. You can come across a guy or a gal right now, and in a couple of days dump him or her just for the flimsy reason of the way he or she chews his or her meat pie. In the first place, you may have agreed to date each other because you admire her long neck, angelic face, sexiness, etc while she, on the other hand, consented to going out with you because of just your good looks, height, outspokenness, etc. You can see, there is no commitment!
But when it comes to the issue of seeking future life partners, brethren, you need to be very careful and at the same time, commit it into God's hands in prayers. The wisdom of man may not be sufficient in this matter. It is the wisdom of God that will help you discover who that your life partner really is. People pretend a lot these days but God is going to reveal him or her to you and you'll get to know if he or she is:
(i) Caring - can show love and respect to you.
(ii) Compassionate - can sympathize with you or people in distress.
(iii) Sensitive, Thoughtful, Understanding - alive to your feelings or happenings around you.
(iv) Honest - is truthful?
(v) Trustworthy, Reliable - believable?
(vi) Kind - friendly, generous.
(vii) Faithful - can be there for you in thick or thin.
(viii) Open - in whose presence you can feel happy & talk about anything under the sun.
(ix) Devoted - commitment to life-long love.
(x) Respectful - for each other's qualities/habits.
(xi) Intelligent - can challenge you intellectually.
(xii) Communication Ability - key to lasting relationship as it affords you the opportunity to discuss challenges & agree on suitable resolutions.
(xiii) Patience - can persevere?
(xiv) Passionate - have strong feelings or enthusiasm about what s/he believes in?
(xv) Loyal, Supportive, Obedient
(xvi) Optimistic - always looking at the positive side of life.
(xvii) Warm, Funny - can make you laugh & have good time.
(xviii) Mature - not going to become very angry over every little thing.
(xix) Common Vision - sharing a few common interests can strengthen your relationship.
(xx) Love for Spouse's Family - ability to put up with each other's family.
(xxi) Non-materialistic - don't fall because of money or material possessions. Money is one of the leading causes of fights in relationships.
The list above is a guide and it's by no means exhaustive. But the plain truth is that there is no one person that will fit into all the above characteristics. And so, in looking for your future life partner, do not forget that no one is perfect. She is not the perfect women, and you're hardly the perfect man, but together, perfection may be achieved. All the best!
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