What Christian Women Are Looking for in Christian Men

What Christian Women Are Looking for in Christian Men -  Lisa U Maki

I see Jesus in your eyes and it makes me love Him,
I feel Jesus in your touch and I know He cares,
I hear Jesus in your voice and it makes me follow.
I heard this song in the wedding of one of my church mate from the past. I held back my tears so hard because at that time I was already yearning for my promised man. The song spoke clearly as to what I wanted from my future husband. I wanted and needed a man who will lead me closer to Jesus.
Every true Christian woman out there wants a husband who will represent Jesus in her life... a man who will love her the way Jesus loves her... a man who will protect her the way God protects her... a man who will treasure her the way God treasures her.
This should be very encouraging to Christian men because Christian women are looking for more than the physical attributes. They are looking for men who have that "Jesus glow", that anointing that comes as a result of "knowing" Jesus.
The first time I met my husband, I remember asking him more about his church and the ministry that he was involved in, more than himself. And when we started talking more, I was more concerned about his relationship with Jesus more than anything else. I wanted to know how much he knew Jesus and how intimate he was with him. I knew then that a man who is intimate with my Savior will be intimate with me as well. I knew that a man who truly loves God will love me the way God commands in His Word... as Christ loves His church.
There is something about God's anointing in a man that makes him very attractive. A friend of mine told me once that she couldn't stop looking at his pastor while he was preaching and that he was even thinking of kissing him. I rebuked her right there. Other than the fact that the pastor was married, she shouldn't even be lusting after anyone. However, I totally understood where she was coming from. It was the anointing in that man that was drawing her to him.
Another attribute that makes a man of God attractive is humility. Honestly, even back then, when I was still in the world, I was already turned off by men who think so highly of themselves. So men... you don't have to try so hard to prove yourselves. Just keep it Jesus and you will be far greater attractive than the rest of them. My very own husband knows that each time I see humility in him; I fall in love with him more than ever.
Leadership is another attribute that Christian women look for in men of God. If men will just be the leaders that God called them to be, no woman will ever try to control her husband. A man who knows how to lead can kill any desire of a woman to control him. Though women can be controlling, the fact of the matter is... they take control when they see a vacuum in leadership. Women are trained to take care of their family. It is her nature to protect her children. It is innate in her to find solutions to problems. Thus, when the husband is not doing his part, the woman will automatically take over.
The last attribute that I want to share with you is being appreciative. Women love to be appreciated. She was designed that way, in the same way that God designed men to be respected. I recently heard Joyce Meyer say that if husbands will just appreciate their wives very often, then all their problems will be solved.
I am blessed to have a husband who is highly appreciative of me and who is very expressive in his appreciation. He calls me precious several times a day and expresses it to me with a kiss, hug, or just that loving look on his face. This really makes me melt and makes me forget all his shortcomings. It draws me closer to him and makes me want to serve him more. This is why I give him back rubs pretty much everyday.
Men, the key to finding a good woman of God is to be the right man for her. And remember, once you are married, the success of your marriage is in your hands. I am not saying that women don't have a role to play but remember, you are the head of the marriage. Furthermore, this is a topic for men and so I have to address you.
I pray that this topic speaks to you and ministers to your spirit. I pray that you become the man that God created you to be for Him and for your woman that He has set aside for you. I pray that you will become more and more like Jesus as you totally surrender yourself to Him.
God bless you!
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