*Top 10 Things a Woman Must Know About Male Life Partners

Top 10 Things a Woman Must Know About Male Life Partners -  Stan Onodu

Are you always angered by most of the moves made by your life partner in your relationship? Women misunderstand men in more ways than one because they find it difficult to decode men's emotional make-ups. For joy and happiness to thrive in any given relationship, there must be understanding. In this piece, I want to let every woman in on 10 most important things that her choice life partner thinks and does.
Protection. Men naturally have the disposition to protect their life partners even during ordinary dating. They'll stand against anything that'll adversely affect their spouses' physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. But as a woman, if you discovered that your man is careless about all these, then you need to think again.
Leadership. Men are born to lead. They like to act that mentorship and father figure. This cuts across into marriage and relationships. The opposite sex must recognize this. A woman should never do anything to relegate her man.
Integrity. The hallmark for real and honourable men is integrity. They like to live by their words. Their word is their bond. And so, if your life partner begins to promise you one thing and keeps failing to live up to it, that is a warning sign that he no longer values you, loves you or cares no more about you.
Respect. Honourable men work hard to earn their respect. Man has an ego to protect and maintain. And fundamentally, he expects respect from his life partner. He wants a woman with a gentle and peaceable spirit by his side. Any woman, no matter how beautiful, captivating, attractive or sensual, that lacks respect and submissiveness for her man would be depriving herself of a vibrant and healthy love.
Power & Success. These - power & success - drive the whole being of a man. Men always desire to be in-charge, in control, in command even in the home. Men also love success. Most men work hard and smart to succeed. And when they fall short of this success, they don't feel too happy with themselves or even with their life partners. You know what? Those - power & success - are one of the strong reasons women swarm around men. After all, who wants to be by the side of a failure. You know, they say failure is an orphan.
Focus. There is time for everything, so says the preacher. Business before pleasure?! Most men strive to separate pleasure from business. For most men, business comes first. At work, they come focused and concentrate on getting a good job done. When it comes to love and romance, they also give their 100%. But women hardly take time to differentiate between business and pleasure insofar as a man after their hearts is involved.
Talking Less. The women need to understand that men are not given to talking a lot. Men are after facts and so, it seems they usually keep to themselves and unwilling to explain anything unless there is need. But more often than not, this is misconstrued by the ladies to mean.... he doesn't love me. This is not absolutely correct.
Living-In. A couple of women think that the easiest way to make a man pop-up the big question - Will you marry me? - is to move in with him. This is a big mistake because any decent man will lose faith and trust in the woman in question.
Character Change. Is there a behavioural change you want to see in your life partner? And you think you can effect that change because of your feminity, beauty, sexual prowess, cooking skills or vibrant personality? I think you're wrong! You can't change a man unless it has to come from him; unless he takes that decision. Don't forget: nagging will make matters worse.
Sex. Anytime, you have sex with a man that is not your husband, you've lost some degree of value, honour and respect from him. The truth is: when a man loves a woman, he'll honour and respect her, and sex will not be uppermost in his mind. By way of testing, he may demand it from you but if you give in, know for sure that the relationship is heading for the crash.
Ladies, it's important you get to understand your life partners. Get to establish your individuality and dignity in your relationships. Love and respect yourself and I can assure you, your man will love and respect you in return.
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