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Teen Mom -  Lisa U Maki

My baby won't stop crying. I fed him, changed his diaper, and held him, but he continued to cry. I opened my mommy book, searching for answers. Finally, I called up my Mom. She was shocked to hear I was crying. She asked what was wrong and I said, "Justin won't stop crying". Then she asked: "Have you burped him"? That's when I realized that all he needed was to burp. This was just one of the many days I cried over taking care of my baby. What did I expect? I felt like a baby myself, still too young and unprepared to be a mom.
I was 19 then, older than a lot of the teen moms we have today, yet I felt so unequipped to handle the responsibilities of motherhood. My baby was not easy, which made things more difficult for a young mom. For two straight months he woke up at 10 in the evening and would continue crying until he was held. The first time he had his shots, I didn't sleep the whole night. I was so tired and groggy the next day and all he wanted was to be held. I couldn't even go to the bathroom. That's when I got so frustrated and threw him on the bed. I remember seeing him bounce on that spring bed. Praise God we didn't have strict laws back then on child abuse or I would have lost my kid. Praise God nothing bad happened to him. He could have bounced, fell on the floor, hit his head, and died.
What I experienced with my first child is something all mothers can relate to. Yet, it is a fact that motherhood can be a bigger challenge for young moms, very young moms for that matter. Motherhood requires a lot of emotional and mental stamina, something that have not been fully developed yet when you are in your teens, most especially during your early teens. Motherhood also entails a lot of sacrifice. You just can't do the things you used to do when you were still without kids. This is actually the problem with a lot of our teen moms. They haven't grown up yet and for sure they want to still hang out with friends and party. Meanwhile, the child or children suffer, and they will also end up getting pregnant or getting somebody pregnant in their teen years. The cycle can go on and on.
This was the case with me. I was a good mom to my sons until I separated from their Dad. That's when I started partying. I felt I was deprived of my youth so I kept justifying what I was doing at that time. Meanwhile, my children suffered. They didn't have a Dad anymore and their Mom was always gone. She was either busy working, partying at night, or has a hang-over when she's home. Although God has healed and restored me and my children, it still breaks my heart when I remember those days.
If you are a teen girl and you are still without babies, listen to me. Having babies outside of marriage is against God's will and design. Every child deserves a Mom and a Dad, married and living happily together. They need a Mom and a Dad to teach them the ways of the Lord, so they will grow up God-fearing. Preserve your purity for your future husband. And even if you think that the man you're with is going to be your husband, you can't just be sure until you are married. You can be having sex with him now thinking that you're going to end up married anyway, and then you get pregnant, and then his parents won't even allow you to get married because you're still young, and then he goes to College and forgets about you. So what now? You are left with a kid who will grow up without a Dad. And you will be so hurt, chances are you will start rebelling, and before you know it, you can end up pregnant again.
But then there's the option that the world offers... abortion. Let me tell you something about abortion. Other than murder being a grievous sin against God and a violation to His commandment, my question is... why kill another person for the sin you have committed? This is what I don't understand. If you know that sex before marriage is a sin against God and you still did it, aborting the baby will not erase the sin but even adds more to it. All women I know who have aborted their babies have never had peace until they have truly repented for it and asked God for forgiveness.
It's easier to stop this from happening now, before it's too late. It's better that you make that decision that you won't have sex until you're married instead of regretting it once you are already pregnant or after you have a baby. Be wise. Choose wise. Follow God's instructions and it will be well with you.
For teens who are pregnant and not married, don't ever think of aborting that baby. You already made a mistake, don't add to that anymore. Ask forgiveness from God and let Him heal you. Then lift up that baby to Him for protection. Meanwhile, start living a new life by surrendering your life to Jesus and following His Word. He is your baby's real Dad and He will take care of your baby. And if you remain obedient to Him, He will send you a man who will take good care of you, your future husband, the man who God designed for you.
For unmarried teens with babies, you wouldn't want what happened to you to happen to your kids don't you? You are the only one who can break that, and you better do it now. The only way you can do it is to repent before God and surrender your life to Him. Let Him lead and guide you so you won't get lost again. Follow His perfect plan for you so that your baby or babies can live good lives. Remember that God will hold you accountable, as the parent, on what is going to happen to your children. If you don't raise them in the ways of the Lord, it is going to be on you.
For married teen moms, count it as a blessing that you are even married. Be the wife and mother that God called you to be. Build a strong relationship with God and be guided by His Word. Follow His every instruction and you will have a wonderful marriage and family. Reading our marriage articles will surely help you.
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