People Are Watching You

People Are Watching You -  Lisa U Maki

One big price you have to pay for being a leader, public figure, or a minister is that people are always watching you. They are looking at you, and almost waiting for you to fail. They want to prove to themselves whether they are right or wrong about what they think of you. They will watch your every move and every word. In short, they will constantly size you up in everything and anything you do.
This can be pretty frustrating and restricting, which can make you feel that people are judging you all the time. However, it can be fulfilling too, knowing that people are looking up to you as a role model to follow.
Below are some tips on how you can utilize your position as a leader, public figure, or minister more effectively, while still maintaining a private life.
Keep your private life personal.
Don't talk about your personal life in public, or with just anyone. You should maintain a tight inner circle of family and friends, and your private life should be limited to them. No matter how frustrated you can get about your spouse, children, or other family members, don't ever say a word in public.
Watch your words.
Leaders and public figures have the tendency to talk a lot. This is the reason why they have been chosen as leaders in the first place. Yet, it is in all these talking that leaders are exposed. Wisdom and discretion is utterly necessary when it comes to releasing words from your mouth. Think twice before you even say anything.
Guard your heart.
Luke 6:45 says: Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. This means that watching your words begins by guarding your hearts. Proverbs 4:23 says: Guard your heart with all vigilance for out of it springs the issues of life.
Guarding your heart constantly means always checking its condition by asking God to expose to you what needs to be resolved. It entails a lifestyle of prayer, study of the Word, and reflection. By doing so, you will be able to manage your emotions better.
Vent out.
It is not good to keep everything to yourself or you will blow up one of these days. However, don't vent out your frustrations on people, unless they are part of your inner circle. Better yet, vent out to God. He can take anything and not judge you for it. But once you've vented out, leave it there and never take it back with you.
Don't be too transparent.
It is good to be real but it is not good to expose everything about yourself. People would want to be able to relate to you but they still want you to be better than them in a lot of ways, which is why they look up to your leadership. You don't have to tell people what you're going through when you're going through it. You can tell them that you just conquered a big battle after you've fought your war. As I always say, "When I get out of the fire, I want to be like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego... fire had no power upon their bodies, nor was the hair of their head singed; neither were their garments scorched or changed in color or condition, nor had even the smell of smoke clung to them".
So there goes my advice. Follow these and you will maximize the position that God has entrusted to you.
Lisa Maki is the founder of God'z Gurlz, a Bible-based online magazine for women whose mission is to is to provide a place where women can learn to manage their emotions, experience healing, receive love and acceptance, be free to be who God made them to be, and be the best they can be in their homes, schools, professions, relationships, and calling, through sharing of insights and experiences, counseling, prayer, and devotionals, thereby learning from and supporting each other. For more of Lisa's articles, visit  Article Source: Article Source:

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