Oneness in Vision

Oneness in Vision - Lisa U Maki

Prior to my marriage I thought that being married was my husband's vision and mine working together side by side, not until I heard a preacher talk about this vision in a marriage conference. The preacher, a highly respected prophet said that before God created Eve, He gave the vision to Adam first. Then He created Eve. This shows that God created the wife to support her husband in the vision that God has given him. Honestly, this was a total shock to me. It took me a while to receive that wholeheartedly. I struggled with it because I already had a vision, which I've had for a long time, and which I was pursuing when I was single.
After meditating on that teaching from the prophet, and based from my personal experience, let me share with you what "oneness in vision" is in a marriage.
It is a must for any man of God to have a vision from the Lord, otherwise, he will not be able to lead his wife and his family. This vision has to be communicated to his wife, even before she becomes his wife. It is during the dating-engagement phase that this should be discussed. In fact, this is one major consideration when someone is choosing a mate. Their individual visions have to align with each other.
My husband's vision has always been geared towards the gang members, drug addicts, alcoholics; mine has always been geared towards hurting women, regardless of their backgrounds. Putting these visions together was not the difficult part. Rather, what were challenging were the methods and approaches that we had in mind, which brings me to one major component in uniting your visions: communication.
Although a wife has to support her husband in his vision, she still has to align hers' with his' in fulfilling this role as the support system. This means that the wife does not have to throw away her vision. In fact, the opposite holds true. The personal vision that was given by God to the wife prior to her marriage is going to be fulfilled in this marriage. It is for this reason why the husband and wife have to talk about their visions based on what God showed them and how they see these visions coming to pass. It is the role of both the husband and the wife to acknowledge each other's gifts in the fulfillment of this vision. It is the role of the husband to lead his wife, while it is the role of the wife to adapt herself to her husband and his vision at all times.
The wife's personal vision can never take precedence over her husband's vision. Rather, it should be dovetailed to his vision. It is not one vision side by side another vision, as was my previous understanding, but one vision adapted to the primary vision.
If you don't have a common vision yet in your marriage, sit down with your spouse and talk about it. If the husband does not have a vision, you better start seeking God about that. Don't forget that you will never discover your vision outside of God who was the One who created His vision for you. This is the first step... a connection with God through acceptance of His Son Jesus Christ and an intimate relationship with Him. From here, and as you seek God more, He will reveal to you your vision.
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