Often a Bridesmaid - What Every Woman Ought to Know About Getting Her Boyfriend to Propose

Often a Bridesmaid - What Every Woman Ought to Know About Getting Her Boyfriend to Propose - Stan Onodu

Are you also waiting for your boyfriend to propose? A lot of ladies today are regretting the wasted years. I know a close relation of mine who was a victim. She had kept on waiting on one man after another. Unfortunately, in my own part of the World, it is a taboo for a woman to propose to a man. Today, age is no longer on her side, and it could amount to miracles for her to legitimately get married again. And it is because of this experience that often stares me in the face that has prompted me to share some secret tips you can apply in order to get your man propose to you.
* Having been dating with your boyfriend for at least a year or so now, you should have known what interests, values and goals both of you have in common. These are some of the issues you should be highlighting any time the opportunity knocks. But there's a snag and that is, a lot of ladies are so care-free that they don't even know themselves not to talk of understanding their boyfriends. You need to change this for you to get the proposal from him.
* Example is better than precept. To get him to propose, you need to show him who you're made of. Are you that person whose ideas are hardly faulted? Are you thoughtful, sincere, kind, trustworthy, empathetic...? Prove it to him!
* Try always to enliven his spirit. And how do you do that? Anytime your boyfriend does something good to you or someone nearby, or offers you a gift, with excitement appreciate and praise him. Give him a hug, if you like. Do it even in the public, and let him know you're meant for each other.
* For your boyfriend to propose, you need to show him love; you need to be there for him whenever he's passing through things; you need to express your devotion to him. Be with him in thick and in thin.
* Make yourself available. But in this, I advise you use your sixth sense. Too much of everything is bad. Occasionally, spend weekends together; attend weddings together; attend parties together; etc. These can sensitize him to make that proposal.
* You've moved in with him?! That's suicidal! It's not too late yet, but arrange and move out right away. Do not leave in anger or in quarrel but find a very strong reason to advance - pressure from your parents; a genuine repentance or something. Pick up everything that belongs to you.
* And finally, start a tactical withdrawal. Start distancing yourself from him, and make yourself less available. At times when he arranges a date, whether or not, tell him you're engaged. The result is: he's going to sense you're slipping away, and for fear of losing you, he'll quickly propose.
Is your man shying away from making that your desired commitment? To get your boyfriend to propose, apply those tips and I can bet, you'll get your expected results. Don't forget to thank me for it later, hahaaa!
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