Marriage is Incredible

Marriage is Incredible - By Mugendi Elizaphan

Marriage is an exceptionally incredible institution. When my daughter was seven years old, she could tell me about her boyfriend - Joseph - who happened to be her classmate. She believes Joseph will be her husband despite the fact that he is not clear in his mind about her seriousness of their friendship. That is how incredible marriage is. Both the under aged and the aged, the rich and the poor, the weak and the strong are all giving marriage a very serious thought.
The astonishing high rate of divorce is not, will not and should not be a hindrance to any individual from considering and indeed jumping into it, of course at the appropriate time. Marriage is such an awesome idea that not many consider the many and great responsibilities associated with it before getting into it. Many married couples can not remember when they sat down to plan on how to tackle the challenges they face in their marriages today but the amazing fact is that they are able to maneuver through them all.
This means that in a marriage of serious, positive and committed couple, there exists some divine power which when activated, releases sufficient energy, grace and wisdom to face and manage any sort of a crisis or conflict arising.
This being the case, then there is no cause of fear of getting into marriage. Friends, just be sincere. Whether you are single, married, separated, divorced or even windowed, there exists a desire in every sound human being to be in a long lasting and fulfilling companionship. To some, this longing is on the surface and to others, it is hidden deep. To some, it is a top priority while to others; it is just an issue to consider. Whichever way, marriage is wonderful. Go for it, stay in it - whatever applies to you.
Mugendi is a re-known and sought after counselor. He is involved in both individual and group counseling. Your Marriage Counselor. He is also an accomplished minister of the gospel. Article Source:  Article Source:

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