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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Marriage is the Best Environment to Raise Children

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Marriage is the Best Environment to Raise Children

Children need a good environment to grow with a balanced view of life. Marriage is an institution that can provide such an environment. It is very healthy for any child to grow with both the father and the mother within reach. I understand there could be some exceptional circumstances that make this unrealistic, but it is of the essence to lay emphasis on the need for a marriage atmosphere for a healthy development of any child.
We have different arguments and views associated to the well being of children who are raised by single parents in comparison to those who grow with both parents around them. As much as we want to justify single parenting, we need first to agree that every child has a father and a mother. These two will always provide a better upbringing of their children than it would be in the case of a single parent. I am aware that this is a very sensitive subject but we have to face the reality. Those children who are raised devoid of one the parents lack some important life values.
I wish to emphasize that marriage provides the best environment for a balanced growth of the children. Nevertheless, for my dear and beloved friends who are single parents, you can still make it even under those challenging circumstances. God, who is your strength, would wish you to know that those children are precious and therefore, you should do everything within your means to raise them well. Otherwise, let the single parent desire and look forward for a good marriage partner. This partner will play the good role of a spouse and also a father/mother to the children.
Mugendi is a re-known and sought after counselor. He is involved in both individual and group counseling. Your Marriage Counselor. He is also an accomplished minister of the gospel. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mugendi_Elizaphan  Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2603271

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