Lying To Yourself

Lying To Yourself -  Lisa U Maki

The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful. - Proverbs 12:22
All of us have known since we were kids that lying is not good. It's probably one of the first things we've learned from our parents about what is bad. Yet, how many times have we lied to others? How many times have we even justified it as 'white lies'? There is no such thing! A lie is a lie. The worse part is, we may be aware of our lying to others but oblivious of the lies that we have made to ourselves.
Lying to our self is one of the worst things we can do. It is deceiving our very self. Unfortunately, this is something that happens without our total awareness. Self-lying, as I will call it, occurs as a result of something we did that we don't even want to admit to ourselves. It may be something hurtful or shameful that we don't ever want to deal with. The incident is not only pushed so way back but even erased at times. The danger about this is that the issues behind the lies or denial are not dealt with accordingly. Instead of allowing it to heal, it is buried deep. And each time these issues resurface, chances are it will just be pushed back again, adding to the lie.
Self-lying also occurs when a person wants to be accepted and therefore makes up a false image of who she is not. This surely brings about a distorted self-concept. Sad to say, I see a lot of girls trapped in this lie.
Refusing to deal with a problem is also part of self-lying. A minister may be struggling with lust issues for so many years but because he refuses to admit that he has a problem, goes on lying to himself, believing there is nothing wrong with him and that his problem is just temporary. This problem will blow up on his face one day, and may end up destroying not only him but the people close to him as well.
Every temptation and trial we go through is God's way of exposing underlying issues within us. When we get angry, there may be issues on bitterness that we have pushed way back. When we get sick, there may be some unforgiveness issues deep in our hearts. When we lust, there may be some sexual issues that have never been dealt with. When we get offended, there may be issues on rejection that we have long buried. The reason why they are resurfacing is because God wants to heal them. If we ignore these signs, then we end up lying to ourselves over and over again.
Think about your own issues. Think about the lies you made to yourself. What incidents have you tried to erase from your memory? What issues have you refused to deal with and confront?
These are the first steps to finally, once and for all, allow us to be honest with ourselves. This is now between you and God. Nobody else has to know about it, unless you feel led to share it with someone. Ask God to expose to you your issues that need to be dealt with. Get serious about healing and deliverance. This may be a painful and tedious process but it will be worth it. It will finally give you that much-awaited peace you've been longing for. It will make your feet light and will propel you to the next level. It will clear you of any baggage and guilt that the devil has been using against you. It will finally release you from your captivity.
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