Life Partner: How a Woman Can Attract a Man of Her Dreams

Life Partner: How a Woman Can Attract a Man of Her Dreams -  Stan Onodu

You can't deny it! You must have fallen emotionally for one person or another at one time or the other in your life. For a woman who wants to get married, the question that continues to agitate her mind could be: how can I attract a man of my dream? I am set in this piece to highlight 7 simple secrets she can use as baits to trap that unsuspecting man.
- There is this saying that the first impression is the lasting impression. Your appearance is the weapon you can use to quickly achieve this. Always try to look your best in terms of your neatness, clothes, hairstyle, makeup and fragrance. Stand up straight, walk gracefully, carry yourself gently, and I can assure you someone is gonna walk up to you.
- Smile is always the tool that charming ladies deploy to disarm the men they target. To get noticed and at the same time, attract a man, smile is one very important trick a woman can use. So, whenever you make an eye contact with the man you want to attract, give him your best possible smile. It works, eh!
- Are you approachable? A woman who wants to attract a man must be approachable. She must, at all times, be ready to send out the signal that lets men know they can come and chat with her. No man enjoys rejection especially when it has to come from a woman he is attracted to. A woman with a don't-mess-with-me look will hardly be approached by men.
- They say salutation is not love, but I think it could be the beginning. A woman who wants to attract a man must be friendly. She should show or take interest in people especially in that man she's falling for. Are you friendly? Women who succeed in attracting the opposite sex devote time and attention to the art of being friendly. Yes, you need to draw the line between being friendly and being 'loose' or flirtatious. You've got to know that sending 'I'm loose' or 'I'm desperate for a man' signals can work against your good intention of attracting a man for a life partner.
- Serious about attracting a man of your dreams? Then, you need to make him feel like he's the president of the United States. You get the drift? Make him feel important by listening empathetically when he's talking. Give him appropriate compliments and chip in your own opinions with respect, not with the intention to outwit him or put him down.
- Be a confident woman! Be yourself and remain yourself always! No pretences! This is something that puts a man off more than anything else - pretending you're someone you're not. Show your man the character behind the figure he's seeing or he wants to relate with. Let him know you have a mind of your own. Let him know you're not a band-wagon person. Let him know you're different from the pack. And you've attracted that man, believe me!
- You want to attract a man and probably keep him as a life partner? Give him a challenge! Do not be an easy pick-up. Even though you have all the time in the World, do not always and easily make yourself available, at least, in the beginning of your relationship. This is because men have a way of losing interest too quickly. In your conversations, remember to make room for suspense. Don't tell it all in one meeting. Do not share the bad moments of your life too soon as those could become a wet blanket to him.
You want to attract a man? The above tips will definitely make a difference in the way you'll do that. All you need do is just apply them, and keep evolving.
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