Is Christianity Out Of Touch With Real Life

Is Christianity Out Of Touch With Real Life? -  Michael J. S. Austin, Ph.D.

Look, I know I've asked for a resoundingly negative reply! And you are freely entitled to make it. And if you do believe that it's out of touch, you may well have some good reasons for that - none of which, I would necessarily be able to disagree with. But what if your reply went something like this:
"Let's face it: Christian belief is plainly backward and out of touch. It is ridiculous to believe in 'special creation' - and a 'Fall' when science has proved a 'Big Bang' and evolution. Your faith that rejects scientific 'proof' is blind to progress and shuts its eyes to reality. Modern science has disproved religion. Besides, society and lifestyles are clearly evolving for the better!"
Does this sort of direct answer put the Christian on the defensive? - Why should it, we have nothing to hide. Our beliefs are open to any careful scrutiny. But think for a moment how atheistic humanism or secular humanism base their 'science' on assumptions which create the impression of having disproved the Bible. And I purposely said 'create the impression' because, if in the first place, you accepted all of their assumptions, well, you would expect to agree with their conclusions. There's nothing very exciting about that!
Maybe it helps to recall that science properly deals with discovering and understanding the nature and processes of the natural world: of physics, biology, time and space, but science has not proven naturalism (i.e. naturalistic philosophy), or atheism, or monism or humanism - they are belief positions, basic assumptions, the preferred choice of those who build their world views upon them.
These philosophies may be assumed by men and women of science, as their preferred starting point, but they are not empirically verifiable - open to proof or disproof by scientific method. So, what I am inviting you to consider is that without biblical theism, a belief in the rational Creator God, we lack a rational basis in the first place, for believing in the understandability of the natural universe. Biblical theism alone has given modern science a meaningful foundation for its central assumption - that objective truth and meaning exist as discoverable information, because God the Creator has so made the natural world, imbedded it with discoverable information and endowed us with the capacity to search and find what is really there! So that discoveries that correlate with the nature of objective reality, are not merely ideas thrown up by my mental chemistry.
In fact, the resurrection of Jesus provides a startling example of the foundations of rational proof. Ultimately, if it cannot be shown by compelling historical evidences, including eyewitness testimony, and the changed course of lives in history that the bodily resurrection of Jesus has taken place, it is extremely doubtful whether anything can be proved by the historical method.
Unless the validity of Christianity is presupposed as final truth - that Jesus was raised from the dead on the basis of ample evidences, we lack any foundation for the idea of proof itself. But with that truth, Christianity has given the world the supreme example of proof, not merely for a 'natural' event, but for natural, observable events confirming a supernatural one!
In comparison, secular thought has built its precarious, secular 'science' and borrowed some of its key assumptions from biblical theism, but then mixed them inconsistently with its own shaky beliefs. Many people claim to be either atheistic or secular humanists, but they are borrowing powerful assumptions from biblical theism, especially the validity of their thinking, the value of our humanity, and the quest for meaning in an understandable universe.
What about the value of our humanity? Actually, secular lifestyles, in my view, are not progressively developing. There is much to show that large numbers people's lives are falling apart. There are so many broken relationships, of hurting, worried and deeply anxious and fearful people, who feel exploited and victimised, and who know something has gone wrong. However, all secularism can say, on its own assumptions, is that this is just an accidental sort of 'normal' existence, where nothing has any final meaning, including their own beliefs. Who is out of touch?
Rather than keep on the highway to increasing despair, may I appeal to you to take a fresh look at the evidences for Jesus' resurrection. Read Mark's or John's Gospel in the New Testament. Then turn to Jesus as the risen and exalted Lord and trust him as your Saviour - the One created it all, and for whose glory it all exists.
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