Inspired to Pray For Your Marriage

Inspired to Pray For Your Marriage - Part 1 of 2 - By Dawgelene Sangster

What inspires you to pray in your marriage? Do you just pray when trials and tribulations come and you are feeling overwhelmed? Or, do you pray when things are good and you want to get yourself prayed up in case you are faced with challenges? This is part 1 of a 2 part series to get you INSPIRED TO PRAY concerning all things in your marriage. The word of God tells us " everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God." Philippians 4:5-7
Why not get specific with your prayers for your marriage? For me, I am INSPIRED TO PRAY when things are going good and when I am faced with challenges in my marriage. Don't get me wrong, I pray and thank God everyday for another opportunity to serve Him in other areas of my life, but I am talking about a different kind of prayer. For example, in 2006 my marriage was attacked in a major way. After letting go of my pride, I remember sincerely praying for my marriage that God would restore it and allow us to have a Godly marriage again. During that time, I spent so much time meditating on the book of Ephesians, Psalms 51 and Proverbs 31 from the bible. I did not just meditate on the word; I literally prayed God's word back to him every day and cried out until He answered my prayers. Why? Because the word of God tells us "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shall meditate on it day and night, that we may observe to do according to all that is written in it: for only then shall we make our way prosperous, and shall have good success." Joshua 1:8
The amazing thing is this; my prayers did not get answered overnight or exactly the way I wanted them to. As much as I would have wanted things to be done my way, it was in my best interest that God did it His way. So, what can help you get INSPIRED TO PRAY for your marriage?
To see the steps you can take to get you INSPIRED TO PRAY, see part 2 of this series.

Inspired to Pray For Your Marriage - Part 2 of 2 -  Dawgelene Sangster

What inspires you to pray in your marriage? This is part 2 of a 2 part series to get you INSPIRED TO PRAY concerning all things in your marriage. Below are 5 tips on getting INSPIRED TO PRAY for your marriage.
Tip #1 Daily Commitment
It can be hard to add any more commitments to our lives because we get so busy with work, school, kids, family and just stuff. However, if you truly want to see a change in your marriage, you need to commit to pray for that change every day. Just like we brush our teeth, put on clothes or drink water each day, we need to commit to pray for our marriages also.
Tip #2 Quality Time
Now that you have committed to pray, when is a good time to pray every day? This may sound easy but when everyday tasks and responsibilities arise, we don't always fit time in for an adequate amount of prayer. In our minds, if we get up and thank God for another day, then we are good. However, it takes more intimate prayer time with God to really hear what His answers are to our prayers. It is advisable to get up 30-45 minutes earlier in the morning and set aside some quiet time to commune with God about your marriage. If it is not possible to pray in the mornings, try doing it at lunch time or in the evenings. However you choose to do it, just be sure you make it a priority in your daily life.
Tip #3 Be Specific
What are you going to pray for now that you have committed to do it every day and spend quality time doing it? When I prayed, I would pray the word of God back to Him. How can God dispute His word? I prayed everything that was related to how a wife should be, so I could focus on my role in the home. I would then pray the word of God related to how He said husbands should be, knowing and believing that my husband would be that man. When I reflect on how God blessed me and my marriage in the midst of those prayers, I shout "Hallelujah!"
Tip #4 Be Patient
One of the worse things we can do is to rush God. Why? The thing to remember is this, God will do what His purpose is for our marriages, in His timing. Oftentimes, we get discouraged when things don't change within a week, month or even year in our marriages, so we are ready to give up on God and our marriage. STOP! WAIT! Be patient with God and what He is working out in you and your marriage. Don't allow your marriage to waste away when YOU have the power to save it.
Tip #5 Be Encouraging to your spouse
Encourage your spouse as you pray for your marriage. Don't denigrate them or think you are more than they are. God joined you both together so that you can walk as one. When you tear them down, you are tearing yourself down as well. Keep them encouraged, even when you don't feel like things are changing. Do your part and then pray for them; allowing God to do the rest in His timing.
Always remember, things will change in our lives and marriages because change is constant, but God remains the same and He wants us to have wonderful and Godly marriages. When you are challenged in your marriage and feel like things are not progressing, have Faith! Just make it a priority to meditate on the Word of God daily and use it to get INSPIRED TO PRAY.
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