How to Boost Your Spleen Health By More Than 57% Through Healthy Eating

How to Boost Your Spleen Health By More Than 57% Through Healthy Eating -  Stan Onodu

The spleen, located in the upper abdomen, is a very vital organ of the human body. Amongst others, it has digestive and circulatory functions in the body. It fights infections and attacks bacteria. It also destroys damaged red blood cells and platelets. You can now see that the spleen has vital roles to play in the upkeep and well-being of the body system. As a result, there is the need for you to keep your spleen healthy through healthy eating. And the natural question is: what are those healthy foods for a healthy spleen? The answer comes shortly....
Raw Foods. For your healthy spleen, you need to be eating raw foods especially fruits & vegetables on a daily basis. The spleen, being a cleansing organ, the vitamins and enzymes contained in the foods help it function optimally especially as it detoxifies the body. Other foods good for the spleen include wholegrains, kidney beans, nuts, garlic, etc.
Fatty Acids. Healthy fats & oils are good for the spleen. Omega-3 fatty acids found in healthy fats help the spleen to function properly. These fatty acids can also be found in sunflower seeds, almonds, eggs, salmon and cod liver oil.
Water. Good drinking water is medicinal. Do you believe that? Hang on! The spleen is part and parcel of your body's lymphatic system, which enhances the cleansing of the body. And you can agree with me that the efficiency of this cleansing is dependent on the amount of fluid (water) in your body. If your body lacks water, the activity of the spleen slows down, and toxins linger in your body which can lead to ageing, weight gain and disease. Drink, therefore, 8 - 10 glasses of water daily for your healthy spleen.
Overeating. Get it clear! Overeating overworks your spleen. In order to maintain a healthy spleen, if you must eat large meals, do so in the early part of the day when your spleen works at optimum. Remember, organs reduce in their efficiency as the day goes on. You can also chew your foods thoroughly in order to enhance the entire digestive process and in particular, the spleen.
Processed Foods. To ensure a healthy spleen, you have to avoid processed foods like a plague. These foods - butter, cake, chocolate, biscuits, etc - clog the spleen thereby slowing down its activities. Again, this kind of unhealthy foods takes a lot of activity for the digestive system (spleen) to remove the generated waste from the body.
The spleen, though an organ hardly taken seriously, has been proven to be very important and vital in the overall well-being of the human body. As a result, you need to be careful about your food choices in order to ensure your spleen remains healthy.
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