Feeling Worthy of Self-Respect

Feeling Worthy of Self-Respect

Whenever I find I'm failing God it's not really that I'm failing God at all; I'm simply failing myself. We fail ourselves too much in life, but, and we need to understand this, we do not fail God in the process, for we are already forgiven our failures. We will fail ourselves, again and again. We will believes lies about ourselves, always to our detriment.
Whenever I'm at my lowest, as a personal remark, I find with it is the mark of lack in the extremes - where worthiness has plummeted; the perpetrator, a foundational lack of self-respect.
We can be our own worst enemies.
Against the grace of God that comes through in redeeming us to new life, we begin to believe those old, worn, and tarnished lies - that we, alone, are not good enough. 

Of course, alone, we are not good enough - and never will be.

But God is 'good enough' for anyone. God is great enough for every one of us to rest in. God is sufficient enough to draw all our worth from. God is satisfying enough to smile despite the depravity of personal judgment that says, "I am not good enough."
The point of salvation is celebrating we are not good enough of our own accord. 

The point of knowing God is 'owning the home' of our salvation, mortgage-free, without ever need of repayment, this grace which makes us worthy in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When we know this salvation - when we have it - we can experience, afresh, and at any time, the grace that says, "Your worthiness is beyond question! You can never be unworthy again! Your worthiness is beyond you!"
The moment we come to truly appreciate the self-worth we ought to experience, which is forever beyond any effort on our part - to simply appreciate the forgiving grace of God - we land serenely located in the special place: the place of self-respect.
Self-respect is many things: confidence before others, a lack of self-loathing, that appreciation for life, happy in our own skin, and many more.
This is why believing in God is so important. Knowing our worth is beyond question - that it is vouchsafed in God, by the ever-remitting forms of grace - we immediately sense the path to self-respect.
Knowing our worth is beyond question, we immediately sense the path to self-respect. When we know God, we know our worth, and we know we are worthy of self-respect. 
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