Does Evolution Lift You Up Or Let You Down

Does Evolution Lift You Up Or Let You Down? -  Michael J. S. Austin, Ph.D.

The theory of Evolution has become a foundational belief of our modern secular society. Indeed, it is widely assumed that evolutionary assumptions are largely responsible for the spectacular rise in Western scientific knowledge and cultural advances over the past 150 years. Biological evolution has gathered so much prestige that to gainsay it quickly provokes scornful ridicule. So, before I set myself up for similar treatment, I would like you to review whether evolution has really lifted you, or let you down.
But first a straightforward question: 'Is evolutionary belief able to prove or demonstrate the truth of its framework belief or require that you accept that framework first in order to accept evolution?' Looking back at how these ideas developed, this is what happened: that a belief of long time periods became intellectually respectable as a consequence of the rise of naturalistic philosophy. This new scheme was a protest against biblical supernaturalism, and was taken as the preferred belief system, on the basis of apparent experimental proof, offered on a new ideological foundation. And you may say, 'Just as well Darwin and others did some hard thinking and were able to challenge the old superstitions and make such a great discovery!' Hold on a moment - that's precisely what I am showing did not happen - we know from the history of that time how naturalism had become a growing movement of optimism that developed into a worldview, which THEN became the framework in which Darwin's ideas sounded credible! Is naturalism 'science' - no, it's a philosophy of reality that when used as a new basis for evidence-based research leads to confused conclusions.
This is where the crunch comes; Darwin's theory of biological evolution is not credible on assumptions consistent with the theory - that if the foundation of his rationality, upon which he relied to advance his theory, only comes from monkeys (he wrote about this), he is filled with perplexing doubt - but then he so badly wants to believe it. Do you know something? If human reason were only what Charles Darwin thought it was, neither he nor anyone else would ever know with certainty whether his theory were true or not!
That Darwin's beliefs appear to have the hall marks of scientific proof puts the theory above question for many, but he simply cannot support his reasoning process in the first place! What many people do not consider is this: that as Darwin framed his theory; the big changes that were taking place were those in his own mind; in his ideological and religious beliefs. So, as he makes many interesting finds that he now believes prove his theory, do you know what? - All they do is give plausible support for his new ideological beliefs!
No, I am not a kill-joy! I too have been excited when I found a beautifully chipped stone hand axe, a stone chipped arrow head and some mammoth's bones - huge, heavy crumbling bones, probably around four thousand years old at the most. It's Darwin's false foundation for reason that I am exposing.
Charles Darwin didn't have our understanding of genetic mutation and sometimes referred to the accidents he saw as 'monstrosities.' And his theory assumes that the emergence of life must have a wholly natural explanation in which gradual developments took place by a process involving what we now call 'mutations'. A mutation is a genetic copying mistake, in which an extremely small part of the copying process gets a scrambled sequence, a repetition, a tiny omission, or whatever. Mutations do not generate new pieces of beneficial, advanced code, but Darwin believed they must account for the whole family tree of life.
Yes, 'microevolution' certainly happens - the commonly occurring adaptation and branching into a new species from the rich potential of genetic information that is already there in each population. So, moths adapt their colours, furry animals in cold climates have longer protective coats; fish in dark waters may lose their sight, and so on. Sometimes adaptation occurs fairly quickly. But the vast numbers of progressive gains of genetic data interplaying with natural selection - the huge engine Darwin envisaged that was driving biological evolution, simply didn't occur.
As an upper middle-class gentleman in mid-Victorian England, Charles Darwin accepted without question the inevitability of human progress. But he rejected the methods of objective proof in a rational, understandable universe that biblical Christianity had given the world, following the Reformation, and reaped the consequences in futile thinking. This is because his ideas destroy the foundations of the high validity of reason needed for authentic science and lead to confused pseudo-science, where he has lost the capacity to discriminate between one and the other.
Yes, indeed there are many exceptions where secular science using its methods inherited from an earlier Christianity, still yields genuine science, in fields of engineering and medicine, for example, because God has made the universe the way that is, and even atheists may operate on the basis of an understandable cosmos and produce genuine science. However, evolutionary belief rests on mixed foundations. The result is that now people, in their natural sinful rebellion, build their worldview on this confused pseudo-science, without realising that it degrades their reason - using degraded reason!
In comparison, the objective truth-claims of biblical Christianity are open and accessible - they invite careful scrutiny. And the gospel of Christ doesn't unravel. This recognises the God-given validity of your reason (but not your self-opinionated wisdom!), and honours you as a person made in the image of God. This is not subtle flattery as it leaves us all both seriously responsible and sinful rebels at the same time, who as heirs of the historic Genesis fall, are only able to discover truth and life in Christ by the life-giving work of God the Holy Spirit.
Evolution lets you down badly; in fact it seriously downgrades you. It removes your God-given reason, conscience, your awareness of objective significance, your personal, moral accountability to God, and animalises you to the point where your behaviour has no ultimate moral consequence and your thinking has only come from monkeys. Having reduced both his and your own thinking to this low level, Darwin then has the audacity to hope he has won your entire confidence! In science, a theory as inconsistent as this implodes and falls apart. But what people often fail to see is that the way Darwin interprets his impressive field studies, on the assumption of a debased view of reason within a naturalistic framework, is not dependable science, but a system resting on a false ideology.
And if that's not a 'let down' I don't know what is! In response, and not before its time, I suggest the only honourable thing to do is to abandon Darwin's confused way of understanding his findings and instead to ask that the living God might find you! Now, God by his grace is able to forgive your sins and lift you up to have fellowship with him, through the gospel of Christ, the dependable foundation built on the solid realities of Jesus' death and historic resurrection - a foundation that will never let you down!

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