Conflict and Separation - Why It Happens, and the Way to Reconciliation

Conflict and Separation - Why It Happens, and the Way to Reconciliation -  Michael J. S. Austin, Ph.D.

Failed attempts at conflict resolution and the pain of separation are everywhere - spilling out of broken hearts and broken lives. Awful questions are raised, such as; 'Is all of this heartache just normal human life, or does it stem from a deeper problem - is there a meaningful cause?'
Many don't like this, but I need to come back to it again. There is one simple answer, but naturally we have an in-built bias against it: 'The Fall'! The whole of history, as well as the present chaotic turmoil, shouts at us - the wars, the hostility, the chaos, the madness, envy, sheer hatred, the breakdown of law and order. And then why do we dislike it so much if it was all normal?
Whatever you do, don't underestimate the terrible effects of the historic Genesis Fall. The results are everywhere, spiritual darkness, and spiritual death and its lifestyle, are all the result of our rebellion against God, the lawgiver and life-giver - results that has spread to the whole of humanity. All of the awful complexity in conflict and separation that enters our lives is due to our abnormal condition. Following the Fall, this has brought an abnormal state of affairs! Here is a list that shows the four main consequences: four large separations or divisions flow from the Genesis 'Fall':
1. Between God and man - sin and guilt - including atheism - the ultimate denial.
2. Between man and himself - inner psychological conflicts and complex ego problems.
3. Between man and others - sociological/relational: a huge range of issues from envy, quarrelling, petty theft, social disturbance, industrial strikes, to international war.
4. Between man and nature - ecological - the rise of natural disasters, whether or not caused by direct human intervention and careless use of the environment.
But, how on earth, is something so serious and abnormal able to be remedied? In the Bible, God makes a wonderful self-disclosure of who he is and what he is like. He is eternally the I AM - the ever-existing fount of all authority, personality, truth, love, reality, beauty, indeed everything - except sin! God is even called, 'the perfection of beauty' - 'The Mighty One, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth' (Psalm 50:1-2).
God's majesty is infinitely glorious. For finite creatures, such as we, deeply affected by the terrible separations and divisions, we cry out for some sort of remedy, because nothing seems to make sense. Because make no mistake, the separation between God and humanity is an awful abnormality that has brought confused and futile thinking into the world! An abnormality that speaks of a rebel mind that puts our own selves on the throne of the universe.
The amazing thing is that God has come right into this situation and dealt with the heart of the problem! In the person of his own Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, he has taken the full consequences of the sinful rebellion upon himself, when he died - yes death is the central abnormality that will one day come to an end.
At that time on the cross, Jesus the sinless Son of God - with no moral flaws or abnormalities in his perfect character, went into death on behalf of others, so that by their acceptance of his finished sacrificial work, they may be reconciled to God.
Just what is included in this 'acceptance', because it is a lot more than mental assent? It includes a thorough turning away from our path of rebellion and an acknowledgment that we are the ones justly under the sentence of condemnation, which Jesus has taken upon himself. Then when we grasp that by faith - that he has done it, that he has endured the penalty in full, I may see that he has done it for me! Oh, what glory! And I call upon him to rescue me, and be my Lord and Saviour.
There is a way back from the dark paths of sin; there is an open door through which to pass from separation to reconciliation. Come back today - be reconciled to God. Then you will be welcomed into his family, forgiven, restored and reunited.
First get the vertical separation resolved, and then the horizontal ones in our human relationships may begin to be gradually sorted out also - and even if there is hostility against you from others for your new faith, you will be enabled to accept that, and may be able to help them also.
Be reconciled today - then a life of peace and joy will really begin.
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