Choosing Your Life Partner: What Can the Christian Do

Choosing Your Life Partner: What Can the Christian Do? - Stan Onodu

Choosing a life partner is one of the greatest decisions you can take in your entire life. It is so important that, if you are still single, you need to be thinking about it at every moment. There are many ways you can adopt to finding or choosing your life partner. But our focus today is on how a Christian can identify his or her life companion.
Here are 4 powerful, spirit-led ways that can guarantee a Christian God's direction in his or her search for a life partner at all times.
- Prayer. As a Christian, prayer is one of your weapons. One question is: when do you start praying? The answer is that you will need to start praying for a life partner as early as you have decided that you will take the path of marriage vocation. The next question is: what do you pray for? Pray for God's Will and leading to make the right choice in terms of compatibility, complement, mutual love, care, respect, honor, etc. No one person is perfect but you pray that you meet someone whom you can tolerate and who can, to a very large extent, overlook your own idiosyncrasies.
- Spiritual Insight. Because you're a Christian, you do not have to live in the flesh. Living in the flesh while trying to choose your life partner means concentrating on the looks, the money, the education, the family background, etc. And that could be suicidal! You need to be more concerned about the spiritual aspect of your would-be partner. You need to be asking the Holy Spirit to reveal his or her inner person to you, and that is, the temperament, the mood swings, the desires, the likes, the dislikes, etc. It is only the spirit of God that can reveal these to those He loves. And these are the core ingredients in the choice of a life partner.
- Wait on the Lord. The truth is: it takes some waiting, and waiting on the Lord actually. Consciously or unconsciously, we have been trained (or we trained ourselves) to hide our real selves most of the time. It is in the waiting and staying in the faith, that you can hear what the Almighty God has to say regarding your matter. And you need to ensure that it is really God speaking because there must be a confirmation from Him. It might take days, weeks, months and even years but the bottom-line is: Wait on the Lord.
- God's Family. As a child of God, you need to choose from the family of God. As a family, there are certain characters that you would have in common. But above all, there is someone that both of you can always rely upon in all circumstances, and that is God. That mindset alone is a sealer in the choice of a life partner as a Christian.
It is worthy of note that Christian marriages are not without imperfections. But when you choose your life partner based on the above shared Christian principles, chances are that your marriage will be and will remain, to a large extent, blissful and enjoyable to the glory of God.
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