Backslide-Proof Your Christian Walk

Backslide-Proof Your Christian Walk - Lisa U Maki

There are good days and bad days even after we have surrendered our lives to Jesus. Jesus Himself said in John 16:33 that in this world we will have tribulations but that we should be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. We live in a fallen world and therefore we are not spared of the evil things of this world.
This is a reality that Christians have to understand clearly. This should be one of the foundational principles of salvation.
What every Christian needs to understand is that by receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior, we were given everything we need to overcome the evils of this world. We were given the complete armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18), the Holy Spirit, access to the presence of God, and access to the secrets and mysteries of God, among others. However, for all these to work, we need to activate them and continue using them.
Knowing the weapons we have in our arsenal will help us, Christians, understand the available resources we have. Learning how to use these weapons will help us continue to overcome our enemy, and therefore avoid giving up during hard times.
I believe that two of the greatest reasons why Christians backslide are their lack of understanding of the spiritual warfare, and the spirit of defeat that overtakes them. Christians are made to believe that everything is going to turn out okay after they receive Jesus, like it is some magic potion or instant solution to their problems. And when things don't happen the way they expect, they give up. What Christians have to understand is once they surrender their lives to Jesus, they are enlisted in His army. There is training and fighting involved. And even when the enemy comes so strong and they get bruised and beaten, the war goes on.
The training involves a daily regimen of prayer, study of God's Word, obedience to and application of God's Word, fellowshipping with other believers, being under the mentorship of a Christian leader or a more mature Christian, and winning the lost to Christ. This training is necessary to strengthen the Christian and make him or her fully equipped for the battle. The fighting involves trials, persecutions, struggles, temptations, and anything meant to make the Christian fall, stumble, go back to his or her old ways, and give up.
We can't expect to win this battle without undergoing rigorous training. We also can't expect to finish this race without being persistent in overcoming the enemy, whatever it takes.
One last thing I want all Christians to understand is that being reborn, receiving Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, or saying the sinner's prayer, is just the first step to entering the Kingdom of God. It is an access. It is a key that you receive from God. What you will do with that key will dictate how far you will go in this walk. You can take that key and keep it in your pocket forever. You may place it somewhere and forget about it or lose it. Or you can take that key and open the door. Once that door is open, it is your choice again whether you want to enter or you will just try to peep. And once you are in, it is your choice whether to continue walking farther, stay where you are, or back out. Jesus Himself said: "Not anyone who calls me Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 7:21).
Can you lose your salvation? I personally believe that God will not take salvation back from you but you can reject Him. Jesus said in John 10:28: I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. No one can snatch us away from Him but we can choose to leave Him.
Hebrews 6 explains this very clearly.
4For it is impossible [to restore and bring again to repentance] those who have been once for all enlightened, who have consciously tasted the heavenly gift and have become sharers of the Holy Spirit,
5And have felt how good the Word of God is and the mighty powers of the age and world to come,
6If they then deviate from the faith and turn away from their allegiance--[it is impossible] to bring them back to repentance, for (because, while, as long as) they nail upon the cross the Son of God afresh [as far as they are concerned] and are holding [Him] up to contempt and shame and public disgrace.
7For the soil which has drunk the rain that repeatedly falls upon it and produces vegetation useful to those for whose benefit it is cultivated partakes of a blessing from God.
8But if [that same soil] persistently bears thorns and thistles, it is considered worthless and near to being cursed, whose end is to be burned.
Here is my advice to you...
If you are struggling in this walk or you are overwhelmed with your trials, examine yourself and see if you have failed in your training. If you've had, then all you have to do is go through that process. If you have successfully followed the regimens of that training and still continue to suffer, keep fighting. "In due time you will reap, if you do not lose heart" (Galatians 6:9). And if you have failed and stumbled, ask God for forgiveness, repent, stand up, and move forward.
If you follow these, I guarantee you that you will not backslide and you will never lose your salvation.
Lisa Maki is the founder of God'z Gurlz, a Bible-based online magazine for women whose mission is to is to provide a place where women can learn to manage their emotions, experience healing, receive love and acceptance, be free to be who God made them to be, and be the best they can be in their homes, schools, professions, relationships, and calling, through sharing of insights and experiences, counseling, prayer, and devotionals, thereby learning from and supporting each other. For more of Lisa's articles, visit Article Source: Article Source: