A Resume That Will Get You That Job

A Resume That Will Get You That Job -  Lisa U Maki

A Résumé is not just a list of job history and qualifications but something that represents who you are. It is your sales kit, your portfolio, your image, and your reputation. Just as a salesman's first few statements can make or break her sale, the first few words in your Résumé can also make or break you.
You have to remember that there are hundreds or even thousands of people who are probably applying for the same job you are applying for. So, the chances for the recruiter to even go through your Résumé are very small. With this in mind, your Résumé should immediately catch the attention of the recruiter or whoever is responsible for reviewing Résumés. This means that your layout and even choice of colors should be catchy.
Résumés of today are not as rigid as Résumés of yesterday. Gone are the traditional layouts and designs, unless you are applying for jobs that have strict requirements such as a lot of federal jobs and some teaching jobs. Other than those companies that have strict guidelines on Résumé layouts, you are free to be creative in the physical appearance of your Résumé. Just be sure that your style matches the kind of job you are applying for.
Other than a catchy layout and design, the first portions of your Résumé should be a summary of what is on your entire Résumé. This way, if the recruiter will not have time to go through your whole Résumé, she will still be able to get a gist of who you are and what you can offer. This is why the first parts of your Résumé should be the Objective and the Profile or Summary of Qualifications.
The Profile or Summary of Qualifications should include not only your skills but character traits that are relevant to the job you are applying for. There are employers who are more concerned with your soft skills which are your attitudes, rather than your hard skills which are your skills and knowledge.
Your Professional History follows the Objective and Profile part. Avoid writing job descriptions that are so obvious and those which the recruiter will be clueless about. The best way to write your job description is to include your accomplishments and achievements. An example would be, "Exceeded the company's sales quota by 50%" instead of "Responsible for bringing in sales for the company". Also make it a point to use past tense when the job is already a thing of the past and present tense if you are still on that job.
Your Résumé should always reflect your professionalism. A carelessly written Résumé will send the signal to the recruiter that you don't care about your job. A professionally written Résumé follows the proper syntax and spelling. It is also consistently written. This means that when you use a verb as your first word for your job description, everything else has to be a verb.
Here is an example of inconsistency.
· Designed training programs for the sales staff.
· Responsible for recruitment and selection.
Here is a consistent way of writing it.
· Designed training programs for the sales staff.
· Performed recruitment and selection tasks.
One major thing that you should avoid in your Résumé is redundancy of words. If you need to use the same word, look for a synonym for it.
Another tip I can give you for a more effective Résumé is to expound on certain character traits instead of just using a noun or an adjective-noun combined. For instance, instead of just writing "multi-tasker", it is better to write, "multi-tasker with a proven reputation on handling different projects simultaneously".
Finally, the kind of Résumé that will get the attention of the recruiter is one that is well-organized. It flows smoothly, it is easy to read, and it is easy to understand.
Unless you can do all these and unless you have the gift of writing and organization, I highly suggest that you let a professional Résumé writer write your Résumé for you. This is the best investment you can make for your future career. Once you have a format, then it is easier for you to edit it on your own, as the need arises.
Lisa is a Professional Writer/Consultant with over 10 years of experience in Professional Writing Public speaking, and Human Resources in Organizational Development. She manages a Professional Writing business which includes Résumé Writing, Business Letter Writing, Essays, Business Plans, Website Content, Editing Jobs, Press Kits, and other writing requirements. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and some "masteral" units in Psychological Services. For more information about Lisa's writing services, please visit http://lisamaki.webs.com/ Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lisa_U_Maki Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7267280

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