5 Top Healthy Eating Secrets That Can Help You at Christmas

5 Top Healthy Eating Secrets That Can Help You at Christmas -  Stan Onodu

Christmas is both a spiritual and a physical celebration for the commemoration of the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. But in most cases, most people (including pagans) emphasize the physical aspect more. In my own part of the World, people exchange visits a lot at this time and at every 'station', one is offered varieties of foods - healthy and unhealthy. What used to happen is: at about 24hrs after the celebration, many would be down with diarrhea (running stomach); some with aggravated high blood pressure and diabetic conditions; while others re-gain unnecessary weight they've been struggling all their life to shed. Our Lord Jesus Christ took flesh for a purpose. This piece is for a purpose and that is, to put across specific healthy eating tips just for you this yuletide. I need to show love (eh?!) most especially this season. So, let me for the first time reveal to you 5 top healthy eating secrets for Christmas.
Healthy Snacks. Christmas is a period of holidays. You have a lot of time in your hands to play, take a walk, visit friends, sleep and eat. This plenty of time, on the other hand, presents opportunities to eat anyhow if you don't check it. Consequently, for you to eat healthy this season, you need to consciously put away all manner of junk foods out of your cupboards, dining tables and refrigerators. Apples, tomato juice, lemon, papaya, seeds and nuts, etc are great substitutes and healthy snacks.
'Main Dish'. When it is eating time at Christmas, you need to develop a healthy eating strategy if you must not look back with regrets. You have to watch the size of your portions. One way to do that is by using smaller plates. And if by happenstance your meal is a buffet, take a little of all the things you need but concentrate more on salads, fruits and vegetables. With this, you're sure of a balanced meal as well as a healthy eating.
Meat. Because of the high cholesterol content of meat especially the red meat, you must be very careful about the amount of red meat you consume at this Christmas period. Chicken, turkey meat and fish are very good alternatives.
Alcoholic Beverages. Christmas is a season that creates opportunities for free drinks. Consequently, a number of guys seize the opportunities and drink what they call - 'Ancient and Modern'. Some end up in hospitals as a result of prolonged headaches and hangovers. What is healthy for you is to drink lots and lots of potable water, and moderate quantities of real fruit juices.
Exercise. Who said you should not exercise on the Christmas Day? You know the benefits? You'll expend some unwanted calories, feel livelier, and everything you will eat tastes better. You want to fault it? Then give it a try! First, you'll discover you feel lighter.
Christmas is a season of joy and love. Share and be your brothers' keeper! In all, ensure you eat and share healthy foods. Help your friends improve their well-being through healthy eating at this Christmas.
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