Why We Have Mediocre Marriages

Why We Have Mediocre Marriages - By Daniel P Robertson

Most of us are living half lives.
We drift through our days without passion or purpose, worrying and fretting over the mundane details of life.
We go through the motions. We attend church. We pray (sometimes) and read our bibles (if we feel like it) and try to be good Christians (usually).
All the while life is passing us by, our chances to embrace our real purpose ebbing away as each day slips away.
We're bored, and stressed, and busy.
And we're oh so empty.
But we had a passion once.
We were younger, more vigorous. We wanted to be evangelists and pastors and missionaries.
We wanted to inspire people, change the world, and save lives.
We had dreams of being doctors and astronauts.
But we grew up.
Slowly, our passions drained away, replaced by responsibilities and obligations.
We got married and had kids.
And our marriages slipped into mediocrity.
Take the kids to school. Pay the bills. Look for a better job.
Each day, we lose more of ourselves.
We forget that there is a bigger purpose to live for.
We forget that we have been given a mission. Captives to save. A war to fight.
Instead, we build our own kingdoms and wage war against our neighbors.
The very neighbors we were sent here to rescue.
Ah... but there a spark. There, a flicker of a flame...
Our old passions start to resurface again...
We experience a small revival...
We feel invigorated again...
We go to bed excited for tomorrow...
And we wake up and fall back into our old routines.
The passion is buried again.
We chide ourselves for daring to hope our hearts could come alive again.
We tell ourselves to forget about it and get on with life.
And the spark gets harder to recover.
We don't see the quicksand all around us.
We think everything is as it should be. Except for that occasional longing for something more.
And we refuse to see the broken lives all around us.
We bury our heads in the sand and plow ahead.
But we can't shake the discontent that haunts us. We ache for something more.
We are desperate to wake up. But we don't know how. We've tried.
But it always escapes us.
And we don't realize who the real culprit is.
We've forgotten that we have an enemy who is desperate to keep us out of the battle.
Because if we really woke up to our purpose and passion he wouldn't stand a chance.
Because an army of fully awakened Christians, united in purpose against him would crush the very gates of hell and pluck his prisoners right out of his hands.
But instead we go through the motions.
Because it's easier that way.
Because we don't have faith. We don't realize what real faith is. We think faith is about what we believe. We think it's going to church and being busy little Christians.
But real faith isn't like that at all.
Faith is about trusting God to come through for us when we can't do it ourselves.
Real faith is living beyond our means and letting Him work out the details.
It doesn't take faith to be a good person. Or to pray or go to church. Unbelievers do plenty of good deeds. They even go to church and pray.
Real faith requires risk.
Risk like the Christians of the early church who gave up their lives proclaiming the Gospel.
Risk like the believers in Muslim countries where you could be beheaded for being a Christian.
Risk like the missionaries who travel to hostile lands in the name of Christ the Savior of the world.
Because faith without works is dead.
And nobody wants to go through life like the living dead.
Daniel writes about Christian marriages and the struggles Christian couples face. If you want to have a healthier, stronger marriage that is grounded in Biblical Truth you can learn about a number of Christian marriage resources from his website. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_P_Robertson  Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7262061

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