When Work Is a Delight for the Love of God

When Work Is a Delight for the Love of God By Steve Wickham

"The pure, simple, and steadfast spirit is not distracted by many labors, for he does them all for the honor of God." 

~Thomas à Kempis (1380-1471)
There is no advantage for the worker unless the worker works as if they are advantaged.
They have everything they need in Christ already, so, to work for the glory of God; that is regarded as honour, and, because God has put breath in our lungs and energy in our muscles and synapses in our mind and right throughout our organism, we are blessed in our work, already.
Perhaps the key to loving our service to/for others in the name of the Lord is this idea: that we may consider what we do, today, as just that which we can do.
Because we can do it, and because it can be done, we are blessed in the achievement of this thing; but never more blessed than when we do it for others under the fathomless strength of love.
Our toil is all part of one plain day's work; one at a time.
Nobody ever asks us to do more than one day's work at a time. And when we break that day down into doable chunks, we are blessed to know that the Lord provides the energy and wherewithal to do the things his will gives for us to do. Because we adhere to God so diligently, the Lord blesses us by miraculous spiritual contentment.
These things we do become a labor of love. We are just mightily blessed to be positioned to bless others.
There is the preponderance these days of people fearing their work; they fear losing work, gaining work, or simply floundering amongst too much work. Occasionally people are bored because there is not enough work, and we know the devil makes 'work' for idle hands.
When we go at our work with an honest devotion to obey God in the moment, smiling within our spirits, thanking God that we have this role to do, we find the Lord blesses us more with his Presence. There really is no better blessing.
When there is no fear for work, there is no fear for life. Our bodies, minds, and souls are God's when we have surrendered to the point that we are the Lord's in our work.
One of the secrets of the Christian life is to tackle our work with joy. When we do that, choosing to smile in the mode of serving someone, God gives us his shimmering Spiritual Presence. Then we truly know God. Work is a delight with the Lord.
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