The Bible - What it Really Means

The Bible - What it Really Means - 

Here's what the Bible means.
You decide.
Did you want me to tell you what the Bible really means?
Even if I did guess what? You'd read it and you would decide.
I could spend years studying the Bible, learning Hebrew and Greek so I could pour over the original texts, visit the Bible lands to learn their culture, and write some amazing book about what the Bible means.
If you read it you'd decide what the Bible means.
Even if you agreed with everything I wrote it would still be your decision to believe it. So you still decide what the Bible means to you.
Is this bad? Absolutely not!
That's just the way it is!
Understanding this helps us understand why there are so many different views about what the Bible means and what particular passages mean and what Jesus meant when he said what.
This realization may even help temper our feelings about opinions that differ from our own.
Is it important that everyone who reads a book have perfect agreement about every aspect of it's meaning?
I guess that depends on how you feel about it.
The fact is people aren't in perfect agreement and choosing to make agreement important makes your life less than peaceful.
For myself I choose that it's not important what everyone thinks about what the Bible means. That includes me too.
But you believe God told you what the Bible really means. Does that really change anything? You still decided.
Maybe God did tell you. Maybe he told me as well.
We still decided.
But they say God told them what The Bible means and God told me something different. What happened? You decide. (Did you really think I was going to give you that one?)
So, the Bible really means what you decide it means. That's all it can mean to you. Enjoy and appreciate what The Bible means to you. Be thankful for it's meaning. Live by it's meaning. Let it mean what it does to others.
Now you know the true meaning of The Bible.
And you know why there are so many different ideas about the meaning of The Bible.
And if you choose you can have an amazing peace fill your soul even when your understanding differs from those around you!
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