The Beauty of Perpetual Kindness

The Beauty of Perpetual KindnessBy Steve Wickham

"Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness." ~Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)
Such a truth we know through and through and it resonates through us to the core. The beauty in kindness is the richness of love manifest in situations where kindness is hardly called for. What is kindness if it is predictable, necessary, or obvious?
No, kindness is nobler than that.
Kindness does what anybody could do, but with it is that sense of innovative vision - an X-factor - that always looks obvious in hindsight. This is because compassion emerges as an act from a heart won completely to love in that moment.
It is, therefore, a fact, that anyone can be compassionate, because anyone can love from a heart sown in the goodness of God.
Much as all things of virtue have their eternal place, always working reliably for God and for God's purposes, kindness never really fails, as love never fails.
True kindness (is there any other kind?) has this eternal quality. It wins hearts over. Sometimes not immediately, but ultimately, yes, it does. It's reliable.
Our opportunity is sow more and more into this miracle of living that dispels fear. There is no better way to deal with our fear than to fall headlong in love with the love of kindness. Anyone can do that. It's up to us.
So this sort of compassion is a commitment; it is a perpetual journey, day after day, moment by moment, month by month. The more we focus on being kind, the more opportunities for kindness that come before us; the more kindness becomes our way of living.
Kindness is the genesis of forgiveness. It is full of grace and it agrees that anything can be lost but not love.
This sort of compassion has to be a commitment, and when it is it brings life to everyone about us, and in that, we get life. God blesses us in a spiritual understanding of life we have never seen before. And there is no blessing like God's.
Committing to kindness is like committing to God, because we do need to be surrendered in order to be kind.
In kindness is raw beauty. There is no better payback than being compassionate. Our kindnesses reap a multiplicity of blessing, and we're blessed to be a blessing. And now, it's even better, by far, to commit to kindness every moment for the rest of our lives.
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