How to Receive Blessings From God

How to Receive Blessings From God - By Donna L Young

How does one receive blessings from God?
The answer is easy, obey His will.
Scripture teaches us how.
In Acts 8:26-39, we read about the obedience of Phillip who walked with God, was sensitive to God's will and eager to obey. In this example, Phillip is used to lead a eunuch to Jesus Christ.
How did Phillip know what to do? He listened to God Step by Step.
1. First, an angle of the Lord spoke to Phillip, saying arise and go to the desert. Phillip obeyed and went (Acts 8:26-27).
2. Next, the Spirit said to Phillip, "Go near and overtake this chariot." (Acts 8:29 NKJV). Again, Phillip obeyed.
3. Then, when the eunuch asked for help in understanding the scripture he was reading, Phillip taught the eunuch by preaching Jesus to him (Acts 8:35).
Because of Phillip's obedience, the eunuch proclaimed his belief in Jesus Christ as God's son and was baptized (Acts 8:37-38). What a blessing!
But what about Christians Today?
Believers can apply this same type of obedience to their lives if they too walk closely with God, are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and willing to obey when prompted.
A Perfect Example:
It was 2008, when God first convicted my heart to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a Social Worker with a non-profit organization, this act was forbidden. I wondered, "How will I be able to support myself and my five-year-old son if I quit?" Then my peers started to say, "The economy is bad, don't quit until you have another job." Still, I had walked hand in hand with God for over two years. More than ever, I felt confident that I was hearing His still, small voice. God said, "Go!" Like Phillip, I took it step by step.
  1. First, I submitted notice.
God immediately blessed me. On my last day of work with my former employer, I was handed an extra check in the amount of $2,700, for unpaid vacation hours. For a brief moment, I was tempted to spend the money. However, the following Sunday morning, I felt an unexpected tug on my heart to give the money to someone in need. So, this time, when peers advised me to keep the money, I told them, "I am going to obey the Lord!"
2. Next, I donated the money.
God blessed me again. Even though I hadn't expected to receive unemployment benefits from quitting my job, our state unemployment agency found in my favor and began to send money. Then, my past employer appealed the claim and threatened to shame me in court. I turned to prayer and scripture for guidance. God was clear, I was to deny the benefits and preach Jesus to my past employer. I obeyed.
3. Then, I called my past employer to preach the love of Christ. I told my prior supervisor, " I will not be attending the appeal hearing on August 4, 2011."
Amazing! Another blessing. The same week, for the first time in eight years of marriage, my husband started paying the household bills.
Still, after a few months, my husband's income fell short of affording all of our expenses. Suddenly, my car desperately needed new tires. Both my husband and son needed to go to the dentist and our 6-year-old needed clothes for first grade.
So, as the date of the appeal hearing approached, friends and family advised me to go to court. "The money is yours. God gave it to you." They said. Still, I remained obedient to God.
4. Finally, on the day of the appeal hearing, I prayed. "Lord, please distract me and focus me on Your will."
God blessed me two times. Within minutes of my prayer, the phone rang. On the other end of the line was another believer returning my call in order to discuss collaboration in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I smiled and praised God for the divine distraction.
Then the next day, my husband reported that he had received a raise at work. When I asked if he had requested more money, he said, "No, my supervisor put in for the raise some time ago. The request was granted yesterday. I'll be getting an extra few dollars and hour." My eyes welled with tears.
Just as He had promised, each time I obeyed His will, God blessed me!
Donna L. Young graduated from Liberty Baptist University with a Masters Degree in Theological Studies and is the Author of the book "Apologies from a Repentant Christian." To learn more about this author, please visit: Source: Article Source:

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