How to Guarantee Your Wife will Love You Forever

How to Guarantee Your Wife will Love You Forever   - by Schalk Lubbe

We all want to be loved. The need for love is something we are born with, and naturally stays with us for as long as we live.
But did you know that the best way to get love is to give love first? In fact, that is not really the best way, it is the only way. Just imagine what you would do if you loved somebody but all you got in return was rejection... Would you keep on loving that person? I wager that your love will slowly wither and eventually die away.
Love her abundantly
So the first way to guarantee that your wife will love you forever is to love her abundantly. Give her all your love, in all circumstances, and do it with abandon. Consider this for a moment: What would you lose if your wife died in a car accident today? Think of what you would miss. You will realise that there is nobody who can take her place.
Yes, you could possibly find somebody who would be willing to cook for you. But you will not find another person who will be able to fulfil all your needs in exactly the same manner as your wife does. And you will never find another person with her exact personality, either.
You should therefore treat your wife for what she is - a very special, extremely rare, one-of-a-kind gem.
Every day that the two of you are blessed to be given another day together, pour your love and affection out on her like it is the last opportunity to do so.
Treat her with respect
Always treat your wife with the utmost respect. Do this not only when you are alone, but also, and especially when you are not alone.
Let all your actions and all your words reflect the fact that you respect your wife tremendously. Doing this in public - and especially when you are with friends - will not only please her, it will also cause her love for you to grow stronger and stronger by the day.
Put her interests before your own
We humans - both male and female - are often a very selfish species. We always want our own way, and we consider ourselves the most important person on the face of the planet.
While it is important to place high value on yourself (from the perspective of developing a healthy self-image), it is more important that you place your wife above yourself. God has created her especially for you, and brought the two of you together. Now that thought might not be enough to convince you that you have to put your wife's interests first.
Then consider this: You have to be your wife's protector. You have the task (in God's eyes) to be the head of your wife - not in a "I am your boss" type of manner, but rather along the lines of "I am the lead figure who has to walk in front and face all dangers first."
Do not think that you will never get what you want if you always put your wife's interests first. Because, if you really put her interests above your own, she will not only adore you for it, she will also want to return the favor.
Realize that your wife is truly unique, and that there is nobody like her on the entire planet. Appreciate her as your very own, very rare gem, and treat her with respect. Heap love and praise on her and she will respond by loving you more than you could ever hope for.

About the Author : Schalk Lubbe has been married for thirty years and learned a lot about what causes marriages to fail. Get his eBooktoday.