God Remains Faithful Even When We Pull Away From His Love

God Remains Faithful Even When We Pull Away From His Love By Melody M Angco

Even before you were born, God has already prepared a place for you on earth. You already have a spot in His heart even when you're still in your mother's womb. You were brought to this world with the angels celebrating your arrival. The heavens are filled with joy because another child of God is born. You were raised and God has prepared a good future for you.
But then there were times when temptations would knock on your door and problems will sweep you off your feet. These factors pulls you away from God, and you will be left wandering in the desert of unhappiness and fear. You become the slave of the world until you come to the point of giving up your life because of too much pressure.
Many times we've lost our way, lived according to the world, and given up our souls to the call of desires and yet God patiently waits for our return. He sent His son Jesus to rescue the lost. Such a sacrifice that He watched His son died just so He can save the souls of His people. He cries for every souls that are lost and celebrates for every child who comes back to Him.
Whenever you feel like nobody cares for you and you are being swallowed by pressures in life, start looking up and just whisper God's name, he surely will hear you. Most of the time, we prioritize our jobs, careers, and our desire for earthly things. We focus on things that will merely give us more pressure. The lord said in His word that who ever calls unto Him will be blessed. Why worry for your everyday needs when you can pray and it shall be provided?
Many successful people still feel empty and unhappy despite all their achievements. Many rich people die of stress when in fact they have nothing to worry in life. And finally, a lot of people work hard everyday and yet find out at the end of the day that their efforts are still not good enough. They all get tired and start asking themselves where and how to find rest. The Lord said, come to me and I will give you rest. Whoever wants to fill something which is missing in their hearts, you've got God to to the job for you.
People get married and become miserable. The wife starts nagging to her jobless husband. The husband then finds a way to get out of the home and finds another woman. The marriage is already at the point of breaking. As a woman, do you have to bear the pain of losing the harmony and peace inside your home? Turn to God, ask for forgiveness and be humble. He promised to heal broken relationships and restore a shattered home.
You may be facing a cliff while strong winds are blowing from behind you, you cant look down nor turn your back, but you can look up. Say a prayer, its never too late for a miracle. You may be lost in the wilderness with nothing but darkness, dont be afraid, God is with you, just close your eyes and get on your knees, He surely will send a light for you. The Lord never abandons us, He always has our back, all we have to do is call. No matter how far you are, He hears. No matter how hard the walls around you, He can break it. And no matter how painful the situation is, He can heal it. Now get on your knees, and say His name, Jesus.
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