Faith's Building Blocks of Hope

Faith's Building Blocks of Hope - By Steve Wickham

"My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness... "
~E. Mote (1837)
There is a vast and sharp difference between a plethora of vain hopes we place our faith in and the one and only Living Hope: righteousness in Jesus' name based on the blood of his once-for-all-and-once-for-all-time sacrifice.
There is evidence of the intention of our hope in the way of both results: vain glory and true glory. We may say we believe and worship the Saviour, but if our living falls short in conceited narcissism - because we are too arrogantly ignorant to notice our selfish pride - then we defeat only ourselves. But we also denigrate the name of God in the process. Would God even get a look-in against the conceitedness of our pride?
When we live subject to Christ, though, by many a manifestation of surrendered allegiance of care beyond merely our own gain, we attest to the True Living Hope: Jesus' blood and righteousness.
In other words, when we believe in the cleansing of Jesus - by Spiritual help outbound of our repentance - we are deemed righteous by our faith.
Only by faith may we realise the anointing of righteousness in Jesus' name.
Much of life we try on the false hope. It's a garment of frustration; an overcoat of eventual despair. This hope is the false design of a good future, because it trusts in a very tenuous, poorly informed, and ultimately forlorn faith.
The false hope, needless to say (though I'll say it), is anything devoid of a surrender, spiritually, before Jesus; the carrying of our crosses for the enlargement of his Kingdom.
Such a false hope, not built of righteousness in the name and blood of Jesus, is a dead, vacuous hope. It's a hope that truly is not a hope at all; yet, many of us try it on, again and again. Those who build on such a hope waste their time (Psalm 127:1).
True hope is a living hope: the Living Hope: Jesus.
What does this mean? Everything that begins in accord to such a thing as the Living Hope has sustainability, prominence, relevance, true meaning and purpose. It encapsulates the great agendas of the world: fiscal, environmental, social.
Our only living hope is to align with every spiritual sinew in us to the Living Hope - to ensure our hope is built on nothing less. This is a tall call. There is none taller, yet none other acceptable.
There is only one hope; a living hope; a hope for life: the Living Hope-the Person and Spirit of Jesus. By his broken body and blood we're healed and made whole by repentance unto salvation and attributed to his righteousness by faith through hope in, and only in, his name.
Our hope is tested by our obedience: to serve the one and only true, living God. Hope fuels faith toward current and future acts of service and love. There is only one Solid Hope.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham. Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner and holds Degrees in Science, Divinity, and Counselling. Steve writes at: and Article Source: Article Source:

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