10 Things to Remember - Christian Relationship Advice

Christian Relationship Advice

Giving advice through an article without knowing who the reader is, the details of your unique situation and your partner's view on the situation is hard. However I will offer some general advice throughout the following information to try to help you focus on Christian moral values.
1) Remember that you first and foremost have a relationship with God. By taking care of your relationship with God, all your other relationships will be influenced as well.
2) Discuss your relationship with God and ask Him for His guidance and wisdom
3) Ask other mature Christians that have been married for a long time for their advice.
4) Stay true to your Christian values. Don't do something just because other's don't think you are cool enough or to make someone else satisfied.
5) Talk to elders, your pastor or others in the church with years of experience that you trust and can get knowledge and tips from. Their years of experience with walking by God's side has often taught them to speak from great wisdom.
6) Reading general relationship advice and self help books can be useful, but some things will be different when you get them from a Christian perspective. Therefor I valuable to find some books written by other Christians to get good advice.
7) Have Christian friends and hang out with other Christians. Christian friends can offer you the view of a third person. Discussing your relationship conflicts and concerns with other Christians can be very helpful.
8) Pray with your partner. Pray for guidance, strength and love. Many couples don't understand the power of prayer, however research has shown that spouses that pray together have an increased chance of maintaining a happy relationship.
9) Always communicate your thoughts and feelings. Being capable of talking openly about your thoughts and emotions is a key ingredient in a good relationship. 
10) Practice communicating effectively. Truly listen to your partner and what she or he wants to say. Allow your partner to talk about her/his feelings without judging them or arguing, just pay attention.
No matter if you have been married for years or just started a new relationship, the relationship can get complicated. We all have problems in our relationship that we need to deal with in order to grow.
By using some of the above Christian relationship advice you have a bigger chance of building a more loving and intimate relationship. Some of the advice here you may think is obvious, but in daily life when you are busy and there don't seem to be enough time, it can be easy to forget or don't take the time to pray together as often as you would wish. Take the time to involve God in your relationship and soon enough you will experience change in other life areas too, including your relationship to your partner and other people.
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