The Lord's Way Is Always the BEST Way Even If It Hurts or Is Hard for Us

The Lord's Way Is Always the BEST Way Even If It Hurts or Is Hard for Us - By Matthew Robert Payne

You have heard in scripture that His ways are higher than our ways and we cannot comprehend it. Well, when it comes to life and being led by the Lord, this is more true than ever. The Lord (being the Lord God and Jesus) knows which way we should go and if we are open to Him and his leading than sometimes the way might be hard for us or even hurt us.
Sometimes the Lord will lead us into a path of healing. Healing can be very hurtful and hard as we bring up the past and forgive those people that have hurt us. It can consist of many tears and painful memories and the healing journey is one that many people avoid in ways. God however wants us whole, healed and clean vessels, with no unforgiveness or bitterness in our system. This process of clearing out bitterness like vomiting can be unpleasant to us.It can be said that the life of you and me is played out like one big game of chess. It is just that God is the overall player of the game and not us. God knows each move in our life that is the right one, and if we move contrary to the best move, He always has another move down to road that will see the game corrected. In chess we need to sacrifice and so too in life we have to lay down certain parts of us in order to get things flowing the right way.
You might have someone in your life that is a real pain in the neck. Every time you are around them they make your blood boil. God may have a reason for them in your life, to build compassion and patience into your life and it is only through dealing with them correctly that your fruit of the Holy Spirit grows to maturity. I have a person in my life that I see for two hours each week that is like this and it is tough on me and hard for me not to lash out with my tongue to them.
There are countless ways where the Lord's way is the BEST way and yet it is hard for us and even hurts us. One article is not enough to cover every aspect of how this might be true. Not even a book could cover this subject well enough. But we should know that God is smarter than we are and he knows what is best for us, so we should do what He tells us to do no matter if it is hurtful or costs us in some way.
Let me pray for you:
Dear Father
I come before you today with the reader in mind. There is a reason that they read this article and there are things that the reader needs to do in order to progress in life the way that you want them to progress. I pray that you peace and love will be upon them and keep them as they do what You want them to do. Hold them and keep them I pray.
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