Some Keys to Praising God in the Hard Times

Some Keys to Praising God in the Hard TimesBy Matthew Robert Payne

Life can be tough. We all have hard times in life. People say that we should praise God in all times and, most of all, in the hard times. This isn't often easy. Praising God when you are suffering seems to be the opposite of what you should be doing. Here are some keys that I have found that help me praise God in the storms of life.
Key 1: Look to the people in the Bible for inspiration.
King David seems to have had a life with many challenges. He speaks of his tears running down his face and wetting his bed. He speaks of enemies. He speaks of times where God seemed not to be listening to him. Yet amidst all of this, David was a man of praise, and he sang his way to happiness with God.
The apostles were locked in the prison house and worshipped God in there, so much so that the jailer and his household came to Christ.
When you read of people like Joseph in the Bible who suffered and yet overcame, it can give you hope for your life and a reason to praise God.
Key 2: What does Scripture say?
Jesus' brother, James, says we are to count it all joy wahen we face trials, as they produce good and lasting fruit in us. James obviously had seen some trials in his personal life to be able to write that to the Church.
Jesus said that the righteous would suffer persecution in this life and that we should consider it part of being a Christian.
Knowing that the Christian life is a life that can be hard should give you a good reason to praise God for your life and the character that God is forming in you.
There are many scriptures that we could look at.
Key 3: Look to past victories in your life.
When I am going through a hard time, I remember back to other times where I suffered and when I recovered. This gives me hope and the impetus to praise God for that victory and the one I am going to have in the current situation.
Key 4: Praising God brings God's presence and peace.
It is a wonderful thing to feel the presence of God. That feeling of joy and peace that overshadows your body is a great feeling. When I enter into worship, God comes down to meet me and refresh me with the presence of His Holy Spirit. Praising God gives you respite from the depression and dark feelings and refreshes your spirit.
So whatever key you need, put on some worship music today and worship God, the creator of heaven and earth.
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