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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Can the Rich Man Enter Heaven?

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Can the Rich Man Enter Heaven?

I have heard it said that if you have a roof over your head, clothes to wear, food to eat, and a way to get around, be it a car or public transport, you are one of the top 15% richest people in the world. I am on a disability pension, and even I qualify for that status.
So can we be saved?
Is Jesus really talking about us?
One of the least favorite sermon subjects is whether someone qualifies to go to heaven. There are hundreds of people out there with legalistic mindsets and doctrines preaching all manner of reasons why we are going to miss out on heaven.
Do you know why Jesus spoke so much on money?
I think it is because money is important to God and the Kingdom, and it's important because we as humans place so much value on it. We live in a world that judges your success by the clothes you wear, the house you live in, and the car that you drive. We live in a world that is so consumer driven, and so market driven, that is seems nothing is more important than money and possessions.
Jesus said that you cannot serve God and Mammon (i.e., money and possessions); you cannot serve two masters at the same time.
But we try to do it. We try to live a comfortable life with all the best money can buy, and we try to live a life that is close to God at the same time. Jesus says it will never work that way. He says that we will love Him and despise the fact that we have to live in a money orientated world, or we will love money and possessions and despise the fact that we cannot be close to Jesus when we do so.
So what is the answer?
The answer is to sow money into the Kingdom; as much money as you can afford. You don't need brand name clothes, you don't need brand new cars, and you don't need to impress your friends with the price of your house. Many people have come to learn the liberating fact that the Kingdom needs money to expand and life is happier and your personal walk with Jesus is more fulfilling when you are supporting the Kingdom with your resources.
Does that mean if I don't sow my money I won't go to heaven?
I am not saying that, but if you read all the accounts of Jesus when He speaks about money in the Gospels, you might get the picture that you cannot really be a follower of any real weight or significance if your income and expenditures are not converted also.
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