Bible Reading Tip for Busy People

Bible Reading Tip for Busy People - How and Why Audio Bibles Can Help You Read More

Faithfully reading God's Word can be difficult when you have a demanding schedule. Audio bibles offer some great advantages over traditional reading. I first started listening to the Word about 25 years ago back in the good old days of Walkman cassette players. I spent many hours with the Bible streaming through my head as I bopped across campus between classes. Absorbing the Word through my ears significantly shaped me. I discovered that listening offered lots of advantageous.
The great thing about audio is you can listen to it while you do mundane chores. It's a nice way to multi-task or squeeze in extra exposure beyond your normal reading time. I listen on my laptop while doing dishes, working out, folding laundry, etc. Put an audio bible on your mp3 player and you can listen while you exercise, walk or commute.
If you are an audio learner, listening will actually be the most advantageous encounter of the Word for you. Our culture has become visually dominated. We often forget that much of the Bible was likely passed along orally before being put in print. Even the Epistles (letters) were read aloud in communities. Many early Christians would have never seen a written Word, but they would have heard it repeatedly.
Listening is really great for passages like those in Leviticus or Numbers that are loaded with names and places that "read" as gibberish. Many people have shared the discomfort, if not discouragement, they feel when trying to plod through lengthy genealogies. May be those are times when you might want to consider listening rather reading. You won't feel the same frustration and may even learn how to pronounce some of those names of places and people if you listen to them on an audio Bible.
One of the keys to remembering biblical stories and gaining greater depth of understanding is repeated exposure to the text. Many mp3 players have a setting were you can select to have a track loop and play over and over again. You would be amazed at how much you will pick up from a text simply by having it playing in a loop in the background while you work or attend to other tasks. You may not even be actively listening, but periodically picking up pieces over time really pumps up your understanding of the text.
AUDIO BIBLE OPTIONS ONLINE--You can access a variety of audio bibles online for free. One of my favorite links is You simply select the passage you want to listen to and click the "listen" button near the top of the page. The listen link is just right of the chapter title. I mention it because it isn't necessarily real obvious. This is a great choice if cost is an issue for you. The disadvantage is that you can only access it while online. CD's--most bookstores carry a variety of options on CD. The selection of audio bibles on CD range from a single narrator just reading the text to dramatic readings by multiple professional actors with sound effects and a music sound track. With a little research you are likely to be able to find your favorite translation as well. Which audio bible is best for you is mostly a matter of personal preference and what is affordable. I would encourage you to start by listening online first and see if it is something that works for you. Try it for two or three weeks and see if it doesn't increase you memory and understanding of the text. John Arnold has been teaching people for over 25 years how to read and apply the word of God in their lives. For more tips on bible skills, and/or to learn more about discipleship visit his blog At his blog, John Arnold shares a host of tips and tools for spiritual growth. His advice is extremely practical and applicable in daily life and has helped numerous people deepen their relationship with God and live into more meaningful discipleship. Article Source:   Article Source:

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