4 Kingdom Keys to Pursuing Meaningful and Joyful Living

Kingdom Value, 4 Kingdom Keys to Pursuing Meaningful and Joyful Living By John C Arnold

What are you doing today and what is the value of it? Understanding the value of your actions is vitally important to having a meaningful and joyful life. It is exceedingly hard to be happy if you don't know the value of what you are doing. The reverse is true though as well. If you enter your day, planning for activities that you know the purpose and value of you then you can experience tremendous joy and meaningfulness. The choice is up to you.

I have found that one of the keys is making sure that the activities I pursue have "kingdom value." What I mean by "kingdom value" are activities that make the kingdom of God a tangible reality right here and now. So what does God value and how can that guide us in evaluating the activities in our lives.

First, we know from God's word that God values relationship with us. He loves us and wants us to know and experience that love. Christ prayed for not only the disciples but also those who would believe their words that they would know God's name so that they would know God's love and that love would be in them. John 17:26. So, as you look at your to-do list for today ask yourself, "What on my list increases my love of God or my understanding of God's love for me?" If you don't have something like that on your list add it.

Second, we know from God's Word that God wants us to value relationship with one another. Christ also prayed in John 17 that believers "would be one." At the last supper, Christ commanded the disciples to love one another the way he loved them. There are numerous other references for believers to love and encourage one another. So, what is on your to-do list for today that will strengthen your relationships with other believer? What is something you can plan on doing today to actively love someone else.

Third, we know from God's Word that God wants others to know about him. Jesus prayed that we would know the love of God and that we would be one so that others would come to know his love. What on your to-do list is going to help someone else see the reality of God in a tangible way.

Fourth, another way we can determine whether or not something has kingdom value is too examine from a perspective of eternity. Do you have any activities on your to-do list that have eternal value? In the sermon on the mount (Matthew, chapters 5-7) Jesus told people that they should lay up treasure in heaven where neither moth nor rust will cause decay not on earth where things are perishable. What he was telling people was, "Put your time into those things that have eternal value and will not simply pass away."

You will notice that I kept mentioning your to-do list. That's because if you want to experience a meaningful and joyful life you have to be extremely intentional about it. You can't passively get to the end of the day and ask, "Well, did I do anything worthwhile?" You have to go into the day scheduling activities with kingdom value. You have to kingdom goals.

Jesus made it clear in his prayer in John 17 that he was praying for the unity of God's people and for people to love God because this would bring them great joy. He also made it clear in the sermon on the mount that if you want to be free from anxiety you need to focus on "Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and these other things shall be added unto you." Working on deepening your relationship with God, with one another, with helping others to come to know him and on those things that are eternal will ensure that your life is meaningful and joyful.

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