How to Be a Good Listener - 4 Tips

How to Be a Good Listener -  4 tips By Lizzie Ducking
So many People want to be heard but hardly any want to listen. The ability to listen is a gift from God because in it we have the ability to discern. Most People who are Judges are good listeners; they have to be in order to make right decisions. They have to be able to discern truth from a lie.

To be a good listener we would have to focus our attention on the other Person and what they are saying while listening to that still quite voice inside of us that will tell us what to say to that Person. Some will call that voice their conscience but Christians call it The Holy Spirit, who leads and directs us into all righteousness.

To be a good listener we would have to know that our opinion matters very little. One of the worst phrases we could say to a Person is, if I were you. Well, we are not them and we need to keep that in mind at all times so instead of saying if I were you try saying something like, what about this or what about that? What we are doing then is offering them a way to make their own decision. If we will do it that way they would be more receptive.

Keep eye contact and nod our head from time to time but keep silence until they give the opportunity for us to speak. It's really bad and rude to interrupt someone while they are talking. If we need to make notes on what we want to say in case we forget then go ahead and do that but leave it for last.

Keeping eye contact and nodding our head lets the person know that we are listening to them and is interested in what they are saying.

Also be respectful, a lot of the times a Person just want to let off stem and when they are able to talk it out they will generally see two things, one is that their concern is not as big as they thought and two, they already have the answer themselves, all they needed was a good listener who really didn't have to say a word.

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