Why a Husband and Wife Team is an Ideal Home Church?

An ideal is the best way to copy for a good model. Ideals are always difficult to duplicate. Idols are followed because of ideals. A home church has no such ideals or idols. It is a concept that God has given us in Matthew 18:20 - "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." The two or three is the ideal number for a church. Church is the concept of God. The Old and New had completely different view points on the people of God.

People of God gather in the New Testament because they are already people of God. In the Old Testament they gathered as people and the church made them qualified through a ritual, ceremony or a sacrifice to be a people of God. They reason the Old Testament people of Israel gathered was first as a people of a nation and then to be accepted to worship the God of that nation.

They were not automatically qualified to come before God. Every time they needed to be qualified through sacrifice. Sin separates them and only a blood sacrifice can atone for a season and bring them to the presence of God. This had to be repeated every time.

Till the new testament that was not so. The people are to gather only after they are already accepted by God. The only ritual, ceremony and sacrifice they needed was the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The cross brought people to God. They are accepted and for ever belong to God. There is no reason for qualification to be accepted. They gather because they are accepted for ever by God through the blood the true Lamb of God for ever. They do not need to be repeated any sacrifice again. It is done once for all. The ransomed, redeem are the church.

The husband and wife team are already united together by God in a union and now are qualified to be the first church members to start God's assembly. The best way to unite a husband and wife is to remind them of their love for God individually. They have believed as individuals in Jesus Christ as their Savior. They have done a lot of commitment and promises to God as individually.

The home church altar will bring all that individuality together to merge to become one. It is difficult and very sensitive and delicate phase their relationship. But this is the best thing that will even happen to them in Christ Jesus.

Author - Robert Fenn is a home church pastor, preacher, mentor and bible teacher for over 40 years. His writings reflect his personal daily walk, struggles, victories and failures. He practices home church concepts at home on a daily basis. Loves to share God's unfailing love, protection and guidance to others throughout his life. Article source - Home Church [http://home-church.info/]-Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robert_R_Fenn