Sin - Man's Ultimate Problem

Sin - Man's Ultimate Problem

By Jay Gheen 

From time to time I periodically ask people a certain question. I use this question as a conversation starter to eventually talk about Christ. The question goes like this, "Are you a good person and a bad person?"

I don't remember a person that I asked this question respond that they are wicked, vile, wretched, and even an evil person. I have gotten responses in which they claim that they've done many bad things but at the same time done good things therefore they are good. Many claim they are good, decent, and a moral person but the truth can only be revealed to them.

The Bible tells us that man's heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things. (Jer. 17:9) Unless God reveals to man of man's true condition and who man truly is before a Holy God. We will remain foolish, disobedient, deceived, and enslaved to various passions. (Titus 3:3-7)

To take this into consideration if one goes to the local county jail and ask all the inmates this question whether they are good or a bad person most if not all will simply give a reply stating that they've made mistakes but they are a good person.

Unless you are truly regenerated or "born again" you may not realize how wicked and evil you in your sinful nature really is. In order to prove that your heart (mind) is wicked throughout I only need to expose your thoughts.
If I took all your thoughts from the moment you was born to this very moment and played them in a movie format and then showed them in front of your family and your closest friends. You would be so ashamed and embarrassed that you will never and could never show your face to them again. Even you would be shocked at all of the thoughts you have thought about. This is only proves that man's mind is wicked and evil.

Now imagine Judgment Day when you are in front of a perfect and Holy God in which is He is perfectly good. He will perfectly show how perfectly evil you are unless you are justified through the merits of another Jesus Christ the righteous. On that day many will eagerly walk to Hell willingly and acceptably because they will realize how evil, vile, and wicked they are compared to a Holy God.

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