Are you Ready?

Are you Ready?
A Thought by Godly Woman Daily

We need to "live as though Christ died yesterday, rose from the grave today, and is coming back tomorrow." (Theodore Epp)

The fact is that Jesus is coming again. We just don't know when. It may not be for a hundred, or a thousand years, or it may be today. The important thing is to be sure that you are ready, for when we least expect it, Jesus will come again. Are you Ready? Be prepared for his arrival. He will come when we least expect. So be ready at anytime. Prepare your heart, mind and soul. Live a Jesus lifestyle. 

Bless others with your words and actions. Do unto others what you want them do to you. Love one another. Make peace with everyone you are with and everyone you meet. Be kind. Be compassionate. Train yourself through the Holy Spirit to have self-control in difficult situations. Do not be angry. Do not be jealous. Do not covet. Do not kill, steal and lust. Do not worship idols. Be Patient. Be gentle and faithful with the people around you. Do not Boast or be too proud because everything you see is vain. Everything you do please do it in the attitude of prayer and Keep it simple and Humble. God detest proud people. Its better to be humble so that God can manifest His glory in you in the perfect time. Then help the people around you especially your family. Do not neglect the poor and the needy. The least you can Do is give a glass of water; God is watching every little thing you do. Do not neglect the word of God and Do not compromise it! It is dangerous to sugar-coat the word of God. Read the word of God as it is. Do not add anything to it nor take away anything from it. Meditate on the word of God and He will speak to you. 

Make it a point to Adopt the Bible culture, that is, Do not follow the customs and culture of this world, which is created by the community, society, nation and the country, because it contains many things and rituals, that is, an abomination in the sight of God! Discard those cultures from your lifestyle. But abide under the authority of the ruler and people who have authority over you. If they are hard and harsh; pray to God about it because God is the ultimate ruler of the whole Universe and there is nothing too hard for our Lord. He will make a way for His Children those who sincerely abide by His commands. 

 Set aside yourself as a beautiful bride.. so when Jesus comes He can find you more beautiful in the inside than the outside. Ask the Holy spirit to guide you and help your through this journey of life. So that On that day of Judgement, you will be one among the billions, counted worthy to sit and rule with the King of Kings!  

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